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Oregon State University

Superfund Research Program

Research Translation Core

Project Leader: Daniel Sudakin
Grant Number: P42ES016465
Funding Period: 2009-2020
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Project Summary (2013-2020)

The Research Translation Core (RTC) facilitates interaction within the SRP at OSU and serves as the SRP's main interface with stakeholders, NIEHS, and other SRP Centers. The four main activities of the RTC include developing partnerships with government agencies, technology transfer, communicating within SRP, and disseminating information to a broad audience. The RTC has established relationships with regulatory enforcement and public health officials with interests in the Portland Harbor and Lower Duwamish Superfund Sites. The RTS is expanding relationships to focus OSU SRP research on the assessment, monitoring and environmental health implications of PAHs and other contaminants found at Superfund sites throughout the United States. Technology transfer activities include the use of PSDs for environmental monitoring at Superfund sites, and their potential applications in human health risk assessment.

The RTC is collaborating and developing biological impact metrics which regulatory officials can use to monitor Superfund site remediation activities. They are promoting the science of the OSU SRP biomedical projects to inform EPA and other risk assessors what their research findings imply for assessment of human health risks from PAH mixtures. The RTC is preparing educational materials and data resources relevant to current issues at Superfund Sites and disseminate information effectively to a broad audience. They are also developing a new web-based search tool that provides comprehensive data about Superfund-related issues and sites throughout the United States.

The RTC is also facilitating communications within and outside the SRP, enhancing opportunities for stakeholder interactions and impact, and reporting achievements to NIEHS and other SRP Centers. They are organizing a seminar series that enhances trainee and center investigator awareness of Superfund site issues and emphasizes the impacts of OSU SRP research on decision-making.

The RTC summarizes the SRP'S translation achievements in a biannual electronic newsletter that they distribute to other SRP programs, current and potential stakeholders, and NIEHS. The RTC maintains a dynamic website providing updates on SRP activities, access to their seminar series, and profiles of trainees.

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