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Progress Reports: University of Alabama at Birmingham: Data Management and Analysis Core

Superfund Research Program

Data Management and Analysis Core

Project Leader: Sejong Bae
Co-Investigators: Young-il Kim, Nalini Sathiakumar
Grant Number: P42ES027723
Funding Period: 2020-2025
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Progress Reports

Year:   2020 

For the current funding period, the Data Management and Analysis Core (DMAC) moved forward multiple research needs of the UAB-SRP. The data management framework continued its development and refinement by the DMAC, as additional input is provided through active collaboration with investigators. The DMAC worked on harmonizing and standardizing the experimental data from the Heavy Metal Induced Airway Remodeling and COPD Project, the Predisposition to Asthma in Children Exposed to Heavy Metals Project, and the Heavy Metals Exacerbate Lower Respiratory Tract Infections Project, which will be linked with area level data. The DMAC coordinated the selection of variables to be collected by each project’s investigators within the overall data collection scheme. They also submitted an IRB application for secondary data analysis and has been an active participate in University of Alabama at Birmingham SRP Center (UAB-SRP) monthly meetings. Furthermore, the UAB-SRP website has been developed and is being maintained by the Administrative Core and the DMAC. The team is working on a web-based DMAC support form to add to UAB-SRP website. The DMAC also participated in the University of Louisville Superfund Research Center Workshop as a panelist.

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