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This search identifies broad areas of interest and methodology.

NIEHS intramural scientists have defined descriptive terms of particular relevance to their own research, and have ranked those terms accordingly. This search feature obtains best-matches with the terms you choose, and shows an overall score based on the scientific rankings.

Specific terms are not necessarily present on web pages. For information about NIEHS' extramural research portfolio, the Who We Fund database provides comprehensive information on research funded through grants.

To use this page:

  1. Click on the plus (+) sign next to a category to see the specific topics available.
  2. Click on a check box to select a specific topic for your search. You may select more than one topic.
  3. After you finish making your selection(s), click the Search button.
  4. The search returns links to NIEHS websites, ranked in decreasing order of relevance to your search terms.

Click a category to view available search topics.
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Health Status or Disease
58 Topics - Show Category

Major Scientific Discipline
28 Topics - Show Category

Scientific Specialization
61 Topics - Show Category

Environmental Agent
56 Topics - Show Category

Environmental Exposure Route / Source
11 Topics - Show Category

Organ System
18 Topics - Show Category

Special Research Method/Tools
54 Topics - Show Category

Population of Interest
24 Topics - Show Category

Biological Process or Mechanism
80 Topics - Show Category

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