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Course Details

Curricula Catalog Course Details

Course Title: Confined Space Rescue
Type of Course: Confined Space
Description: The course prepares the participant to act as a confined space entrant, attendant or supervisor during a permit required confined space entry. This course also provides students with an awareness of the basics of confined space rescue techniques.
Instructor Qualifications: For classroom components, one instructor is required who has completed HMTRI's GreatEST train-the-trainer or equivalent and who possess knowledge and experience in the areas of emergency response operations and mitigation, health and safety, toxicology, industrial hygiene, OSHA and EPA regulations. For hands-on training a ratio of one instructor for every five students using PPE and respiratory protection must be maintained. One instructor should be certified in first aid and CPR.
Languages: English
Open enrollment: Yes
Delivery Method: Classroom-based
Course Hours: 40 Hours
Credits: N/A
Intended Audience: Employees who will engage in permit-required confined space entry in general industry.
Prerequisites: N/A
Caveats: This material has been copyrighted by HMTRI. A recipient of the material other than the federal government may not reproduce it without permission or license from HMTRI, the copyright owner. The material was prepared for use by experienced instructors, educated in adult education and training methods and who have completed HMTRI's 99 hour Great Environmental Safety Trainer (GreatEST) program. The text for this program was prepared for English speaking students with a minimum of a 9th grade reading level. To complete the respiratory protection and PPE activities the participant must be physically capable of wearing a respirator.
Special Instructions: All PPE equipment shell be worn at all times during hands on exercises

Ron Snyder
Partnership for Environmental Technology Education
Com College Consortium for Health & Safety Trng
Kirkwood Boulevard, SW, PO Box 2068
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406
Phone: 319-398-5899, ext. 5027
Fax: 319-398-5894

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Confined Space Rescue ( Manual )

Confined Space Rescue ( Other )

Confined Space Rescue ( Other )

Confined Space Rescure ( Other )

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