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Course Details

Curricula Catalog Course Details

Course Title: Mold Remediation Project, Edition 3 December 2010
Type of Course: Microbial Remediation: Mold and Mildew
Description: What about the hidden dangers of mold? In our home, in our work place and even in public spaces. How serious are they and what can you do about them? This 24-hour course first explores mold as a serious public and occupational health issue and then prepares workers to be able to do a mold remediation project. This course includes a final field activity to use skills and knowledge from the class.
Training Provider: The Steelworkers Charitable and Educational Organization
Instructor Qualifications: One-week training course, Training the Trainers and apprenticeship under other instructors and a yearly 32 hour technical refresher course.
Languages: English
Open enrollment: No
Delivery Method: Classroom-based
Course Hours: 24
Credits: N/A
Intended Audience: USW Industry Workers and others needing this training due to natural disasters.
Prerequisites: None
Caveats: N/A
Special Instructions: Must be ordered from USW

Michael Gill
United Steelworkers of America
5 Gateway Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 412-562-2324
Fax: 412-562-2584
Michael Moore
United Steelworkers of America
Paper, Allied-Ind., Cheml & Energy Workers Int Uni
P.O. Box 1475
Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: 615-837-4270
Fax: 615-833-9332

Course Owner:
Ashlee Fitch
Phone: 412-562-2354
Fax: 412-562-2584

Course Materials:

Mold Remediation Project, Edition 3 December 2010 ( Manual )

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