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  • Arora, Manish, Christine Austin, Babak Sarrafpour, Mauricio Hernandez-Avila, Howard Hu, Robert O. Wright, and Martha Maria Tellez-Rojo. 2014. Determining prenatal, early childhood and cumulative long-term lead exposure using micro-spatial deciduous dentine levels. PLoS ONE.   9(5):e97805. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0097805   PMID:24841926  
  • Daniels, Sarah I., Fenna CM Sille, Audrey Goldbaum, Brenda Yee, Ellen F. Key, Luoping Zhang, Martyn T. Smith, and Reuben Thomas. 2014. Improving power to detect changes in blood miRNA expression by accounting for sources of variability in experimental designs. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention.   23:2658-2666. doi:10.1158/1055-9965.epi-14-0623   PMID:25472674  
  • Ezeh, Peace C., Fredine T. Lauer, Debra MacKenzie, Shea McClain, Ke Jian Liu, Laurie G. Hudson, A Jay Gandolfi, and Scott W. Burchiel. 2014. Arsenite selectively inhibits mouse bone marrow lymphoid progenitor cell development in vivo and in vitro and suppresses humoral immunity in vivo. PLoS ONE.   9:e93920. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0093920   PMID:24714590  
  • Kile, Molly L., E. AndrĂ©s Houseman, Andrea Baccarelli, Quazi Quamruzzaman, Mahmuder Rahman, Golam Mostofa, Andres Cardenas, Robert O. Wright, and David C. Christiani. 2014. Effect of prenatal arsenic exposure on DNA methylation and leukocyte subpopulations in cord blood. Epigenetics. 9(5):774-782. doi:10.4161/epi.28153   PMID:24525453  
  • Lu, Sixin S., Jon R. Sobus, Gerd Sallsten, Maria Albin, Joachim D. Pleil, Anders Gudmundsson, Michael C. Madden, Bo Strandberg, Aneta Wierzbicka, and Stephen M. Rappaport. 2014. Are urinary PAHs biomarkers of controlled exposure to diesel exhaust?. Biomarkers.   19(4):332-339. doi:10.3109/1354750x.2014.910553   PMID:24754404  
  • Morris, Patrick J., Daniel Medina-Cleghorn, Ann Heslin, Sarah M. King, Joseph Orr, Melinda M. Mulvihill, Ronald M. Krauss, and Daniel K. Nomura. 2014. Organophosphorus flame retardants inhibit specific liver carboxylesterases and cause serum hypertriglyceridemia. ACS Chemical Biology. 9(5):1097-1103. doi:10.1021/cb500014r   PMID:24597639  
  • Parks, Ashley, Michael P. Pollastri, Mark E. Hahn, Elizabeth A. Stanford, Olga Novikov, Diana G. Franks, Sarah E. Haigh, Supraja Narasimhan, Trent D. Ashton, Timothy G. Hopper, Dmytro Kozakov, Dmitri Beglov, Sandor Vajda, Jennifer J. Schlezinger, and David H. Sherr. 2014. In silico identification of an aryl hydrocarbon receptor antagonist with biological activity in vitro and in vivo. Molecular Pharmacology.   86(5):593-608. doi:10.1124/mol.114.093369   PMID:25159092  
  • Schebb, Nils Helge, Jaya B. Muvvala, Dexter Morin, Alan R. Buckpitt, Bruce D. Hammock, and Robert H. Rice. 2014. Metabolic activation of the antibacterial agent triclocarban by cytochrome P450 1A1 yielding glutathione adducts. Drug Metabolism and Disposition.   42(7):1098-1102. doi:10.1124/dmd.114.058206   PMID:24733789  
  • Kelley, Matthew A., Valeria Y. Hebert, Taylor M. Thibeaux, Mackenzie A. Orchard, Farhana Hasan, Stephania A. Cormier, Paul T. Thevenot, Slawomir Lomnicki, Kurt J. Varner, Barry Dellinger, Brian M. Latimer, and Tammy R. Dugas. 2013. Model combustion-generated particulate matter containing persistent free radicals redox cycle to produce reactive oxygen species. Chemical Research in Toxicology.   26(12):1862-1871. doi:10.1021/tx400227s   PMID:24224526  

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