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Human development in a climate-constrained world: What the past says about the future

Climate Change and Human Health Literature Portal

Author(s):   Lamb WF, Rao ND
Year:   2015
Journal:   Global Environmental Change. 33: 14-22



Energy consumption is necessary for the delivery of human development by supporting access to basic needs, services and infrastructure. Given prevailing technologies and the high degree of inertia in practical rates of decarbonisation, growth in energy consumption from rising global living standards may drive consequent greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). In this paper the 'development as usual' GHG emissions impact of achieving high levels of life expectancy, access to basic needs and continued economic growth are projected to the mid-century using historical elasticities of development and energy consumption in 3 regions - Africa, Centrally Planned Asia, and South Asia. The results suggest that long life expectancy and high levels of access to basic needs are achievable at lower levels of emissions than continued economic growth, but will consume a substantial share of the global budget associated with a 2 degrees C climate goal. (C) 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Resource Description

  • Exposure : What is this?

    weather or climate related pathway by which climate change affects health

    Air Pollution
  • Air Pollution: Other Air Pollution, Specify
  • Air Pollution (other): Greenhouse Gases
  • Geographic Location: What is this?

    resource focuses on specific location

    Non-United States
  • Non-United States: Africa, Asia
  • Health Impact: What is this?

    specification of health effect or disease related to climate change exposure

    Mental Health and Well-Being/Stress
  • Mental Health and Well-Being / Stress: General Mental Health/Stress
  • Model/Methodology: What is this?

    type of model used or methodology development is a focus of resource

    Cost/Economic Impact, Other Model/Methodology Type, Specify
  • Other Projection Model/Methodology: Integrated Assessment Models
  • Model Timescale: What is this?

    how far into the future results of a model/analysis are projected

    Inter-Annual (1-10 years), Long-Term (>10 years)
  • Resource Type: What is this?

    format or standard characteristic of resource

    Research Article
  • Special Topics: What is this?

    related topics that intersect with those captured in other filters

    Adaptation, Mitigation , Policy
  • Adaptation: Intervention
  • Climate Change and Socioeconomic Scenarios: Other Climate Change Scenario, Specify
  • Other Climate Change Scenario, Specify: IAM Scenario;
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