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Prospective Evaluation of Air Pollution, Cognition, and Autism from Birth Onward

Grant Number:
Principal Investigator:
Volk, Heather E
University of Southern California
Most Recent Award Year:
Lifestage of Participants:
Exposure: Prenatal; Adulthood (mother)
Assessment: Infant (0-1 year); Youth (1-18 years, specifically various neurodevelopmental assessments up to 36 months of age)
Air Pollutants: Nitric oxide/nitrogen dioxide (NO/NO2); Ozone; Particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10); Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs); Traffic pollutants
Health Outcomes:
Neurological/Cognitive Outcomes: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD); Cognitive development; Neurodevelopmental outcomes
Biological Sample:
Blood (mother)
Other Participant Data:
Mullen scales of early learning (MSEL); Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis; Autistic traits

Related NIEHS-Funded Study Populations

Early Autism Risk Longitudinal Investigation (EARLI)

Principal Investigator:
Drexel University
California; Maryland; Pennsylvania
Number of Participants::
Brief Description::
This was a multi-site prospective cohort study of pregnant mothers who already have an autistic child. The study enrolled 225 siblings of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) probands to examine possible environmental risk factors for autism and study whether there is any interplay between environmental factors and genetic susceptibility.

Markers of Autism Risk in Babies-Learning Early Signs (MARBLES)

Principal Investigator:
University of California, Davis
Sacramento-Davis Area, California
Number of Participants::
~450 Mother-child pairs
Brief Description::
This is a longitudinal study investigating perinatal biological and environmental risk factors of autism among women who have a biological child with autism.
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