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Folic Acid Prevention Pathways for ASD in High Risk Families

Grant Number:
Principal Investigator:
Schmidt, Rebecca Jean
University of California, Davis
Most Recent Award Year:
Lifestage of Participants:
Exposure: Prenatal
Assessment: Infant (0-1 year); Youth (1-18 years, specifically cognitive skills and ASD diagnosis at 36 months of age)
Nutrition/Diet/Supplements: B-vitamins; Folate
Health Outcomes:
Neurological/Cognitive Outcomes: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD); Cognitive development; Neurodevelopmental outcomes
Biological Sample:
Cord blood; Fetal placental tissue; Serum (mother)
Other Participant Data:
Mullen scales of early learning (MSEL); Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis; Autistic traits
Genes or Other DNA Products Studied:
Genes involved in one-carbon metabolism (MTHFR 677 C>T (rs1801133), MTRR 66 A>G (rs1801394), CBS rs234715, COMT 472 G>A (rs4680) and variants in RFC1, PEMT, DNMT1, DNMT3, and related genes); Developmental genes
Epigenetic Mechanisms Studied:
DNA methylation patterns associated with folate status; Methylation signatures associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) phenotype

Related NIEHS-Funded Study Populations

Markers of Autism Risk in Babies-Learning Early Signs (MARBLES)

Principal Investigator:
University of California, Davis
Sacramento-Davis Area, California
Number of Participants::
~450 Mother-child pairs
Brief Description::
This is a longitudinal study investigating perinatal biological and environmental risk factors of autism among women who have a biological child with autism.
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