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Who We Fund: Publication Detail

PI: Travers, Jeffrey B.
Institution: Wright State University
Grant Number: R01ES031087

These search results have not been confirmed by NIEHS and are therefore, not official. They are to be used only for general information and to inform the public and grantees on the breadth of research funded by NIEHS.

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Publication Title Authors Grant Number(s) Journal (Pub date) PubMed Link Pub Year
New concepts on abnormal UV reactions in systemic lupus erythematosus and a screening tool for asses ...   Corbin, Danielle; Christian, Lea; Rapp, Christine M; Liu, Langni; Rohan, Craig A; Travers, Jef ... R01ES031087 Skin Res Technol (2023 Mar) 36973991 Exiting the NIEHS site 2023 
Radiation therapy produces microvesicle particle release in HaCaT keratinocytes.   Torralba, Ericson John V; Singh, Shikshita; Short, Robert F; Rapp, Christine M; Henkels, Karen ... R01ES031087, R21ES033806 Skin Res Technol (2023 May) 37231923 Exiting the NIEHS site 2023 
Topical Photodynamic Therapy Generates Bioactive Microvesicle Particles: Evidence for a Pathway Invo ...   Oyebanji, Oladayo A; Brewer, Chad; Bayless, Sharlo; Schmeusser, Benjamin; Corbin, Danielle A; S ... R01ES031087 J Invest Dermatol (2023 Jul) 36708950 Exiting the NIEHS site 2023 
Acute ethanol exposure stimulates microvesicle particle generation in keratinocytes.   Awoyemi, Azeezat A; Borchers, Christina; Liu, Langni; Chen, Yanfang; Rapp, Christine M; Brewer, ... R01ES031087 Toxicol Lett (2022 Feb 01) 34801640 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
Evidence for Systemic Reactive Oxygen Species in UVB-mediated Microvesicle Formation.   McGlone, Cameron L; Christian, Lea; Schmeusser, Benjamin; Liu, Langni; Chalfant, Charles E; Ste ... R01ES031087 Photochem Photobiol (2022 Jan) 34324712 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
Low UVB Fluences Augment Microvesicle Particle Generation in Keratinocytes.   Thapa, Pariksha; Bhadri, Shweta; Borchers, Christina; Liu, Langni; Chen, Yanfang; Rapp, Christ ... R01ES031087 Photochem Photobiol (2022 Jan) 34324709 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
Platelet-activating factor and microvesicle particles as potential mediators for the toxicity associ ...   Rohan, Carson J; Lohade, Rushabh P; Brewer, Chad; Travers, Jeffrey B R01ES031087 Biofactors (2022 Nov) 36342751 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
Topical application of gemcitabine generates microvesicle particles in human and murine skin.   Thyagarajan, Anita; Awasthi, Krishna; Rapp, Christine M; Johnson, R Michael; Chen, Yanfang; Mil ... R01ES031087, R21ES033806 Biofactors (2022 Nov) 36504167 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
Ultraviolet B Irradiation Alters the Level and miR Contents of Exosomes Released by Keratinocytes in ...   Wang, Jinju; Pothana, Kartheek; Chen, Shuzhen; Sawant, Harshal; Travers, Jeffrey B; Bihl, Ji; ... R01ES031087 Photochem Photobiol (2022 Sep) 34931322 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
UVB-Induced Microvesicle Particle Release and Its Effects on the Cutaneous Microenvironment.   Frommeyer, Timothy C; Gilbert, Michael M; Brittain, Garrett V; Wu, Tongfan; Nguyen, Trang Q; Ro ... R01ES031087 Front Immunol (2022) 35603177 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
Evidence for microvesicle particles in UVB-mediated IL-8 generation in keratinocytes.   Bhadri, Shweta; Thapa, Pariksha; Chen, Yanfang; Rapp, Christine M; Travers, Jeffrey B R01ES031087 J Clin Investig Dermatol (2021 Dec) 34950767 Exiting the NIEHS site 2021 
Keratinocyte-derived microvesicle particles mediate ultraviolet B radiation-induced systemic immunos ...   Liu, Langni; Awoyemi, Azeezat A; Fahy, Katherine E; Thapa, Pariksha; Borchers, Christina; Wu, ... R01ES031087 J Clin Invest (2021 May 17) 33830943 Exiting the NIEHS site 2021 
New Insights Into the Pathologic Roles of the Platelet-Activating Factor System.   Travers, Jeffrey B; Rohan, Joyce G; Sahu, Ravi P R01ES031087 Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) (2021) 33796070 Exiting the NIEHS site 2021 
Vitamin D and Vitamin D Analogs as Adjuncts to Field Therapy Treatments for Actinic Keratoses: Curre ...   Sattouf, Zafer; Repas, Steven J; Travers, Jeffrey B; Rohan, Craig A R01ES031087 J Skin Cancer (2021) 34306760 Exiting the NIEHS site 2021 
Thermal Burn Injury Generates Bioactive Microvesicles: Evidence for a Novel Transport Mechanism for ...   Liu, Langni; Fahy, Katherine E; Awoyemi, Azeezat A; Thapa, Pariksha; Kelly, Lisa E; Chen, Jay; ... R01ES031087 J Immunol (2020 07 01) 32434939 Exiting the NIEHS site 2020 
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