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Who We Fund: Publication Detail

PI: Begley, Thomas J
Institution: State University Of New York At Albany
Grant Number: R01ES031529

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Publication Title Authors Grant Number(s) Journal (Pub date) PubMed Link Pub Year
Alternate routes to mnm5s2U synthesis in Gram-positive bacteria.   Jaroch, Marshall; Sun, Guangxin; Tsui, Ho-Ching Tiffany; Reed, Colbie; Sun, Jingjing; Jörg, Ma ... R01ES026856, R01ES026856, R01ES031529 J Bacteriol (2024 Apr 18) 38551342 Exiting the NIEHS site 2024 
Antibody production relies on the tRNA inosine wobble modification to meet biased codon demand.   Giguère, Sophie; Wang, Xuesong; Huber, Sabrina; Xu, Liling; Warner, John; Weldon, Stephanie R; ... R01ES031529 Science (2024 Jan 12) 38207021 Exiting the NIEHS site 2024 
Molecular Coping Mechanisms: Reprogramming tRNAs To Regulate Codon-Biased Translation of Stress Resp ...   Mitchener, Michelle M; Begley, Thomas J; Dedon, Peter C R01ES026856, R01ES026856, R01ES031529 Acc Chem Res (2023 Dec 05) 37992267 Exiting the NIEHS site 2023 
Assessing cytochrome P450 function using genetically engineered mouse models.   Hannon, Sarrah L; Ding, Xinxin F31ES034268, P30ES006694, P42ES004940, R01ES014901, R01ES020867, R01ES031529, T32ES007091 Adv Pharmacol (2022) 35953157 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
Dysfunctional tRNA reprogramming and codon-biased translation in cancer.   Dedon, Peter C; Begley, Thomas J R01ES026856, R01ES026856, R01ES031529 Trends Mol Med (2022 Nov) 36241532 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
Epitranscriptomic Reprogramming Is Required to Prevent Stress and Damage from Acetaminophen.   Evke, Sara; Lin, Qishan; Melendez, Juan Andres; Begley, Thomas John R01ES026856, R01ES026856, R01ES031529 Genes (Basel) (2022 Feb 25) 35327975 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
Selenoproteins and the senescence-associated epitranscriptome.   Lee, May Y; Ojeda-Britez, Stephen; Ehrbar, Dylan; Samwer, Antonia; Begley, Thomas J; Melendez, ... R01ES026856, R01ES026856, R01ES031529 Exp Biol Med (Maywood) (2022 Dec) 36036467 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
Transcription-wide mapping of dihydrouridine reveals that mRNA dihydrouridylation is required for me ...   Finet, Olivier; Yague-Sanz, Carlo; Krüger, Lara Katharina; Tran, Phong; Migeot, Valérie; Louski ... R01ES026856, R01ES026856, R01ES031529 Mol Cell (2022 Jan 20) 34798057 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
Detecting the epitranscriptome.   Sarkar, Anwesha; Gasperi, William; Begley, Ulrike; Nevins, Steven; Huber, Sabrina M; Dedon, Pe ... R01ES026856, R01ES026856, R01ES031529 Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA (2021 11) 33987958 Exiting the NIEHS site 2021 
Phenoxy Radical Reactivity of Nucleic Acids: Practical Implications for Biotinylation.   Wilbanks, Brandon; Garcia, Brian; Byrne, Shane; Dedon, Peter; Maher 3rd, L James R01ES031529, T32ES007020 Chembiochem (2021 Apr 16) 33368926 Exiting the NIEHS site 2021 
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