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Who We Fund: Publication Detail

PI: Goodman, Myron
Institution: University Of Southern California
Grant Number: R35ES028343

These search results have not been confirmed by NIEHS and are therefore, not official. They are to be used only for general information and to inform the public and grantees on the breadth of research funded by NIEHS.

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Publication Title Authors Grant Number(s) Journal (Pub date) PubMed Link Pub Year
Genomic landscape of single-stranded DNA gapped intermediates in Escherichia coli.   Pham, Phuong; Shao, Yijun; Cox, Michael M; Goodman, Myron F R35ES028343 Nucleic Acids Res (2022 01 25) 34951472 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
Host cell RecA activates a mobile element-encoded mutagenic DNA polymerase.   Ojha, Debika; Jaszczur, Malgorzata M; Sikand, Adhirath; McDonald, John P; Robinson, Andrew; van ... R35ES028343 Nucleic Acids Res (2022 Jun 23) 35736210 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
The mRNA tether model for activation-induced deaminase and its relevance for Ig somatic hypermutatio ...   Liu, Di; Goodman, Myron F; Pham, Phuong; Yu, Kefei; Hsieh, Chih-Lin; Lieber, Michael R R35ES028343 DNA Repair (Amst) (2022 02) 34990960 Exiting the NIEHS site 2022 
The SOS Error-Prone DNA Polymerase V Mutasome and β-Sliding Clamp Acting in Concert on Undamaged DNA ...   Sikand, Adhirath; Jaszczur, Malgorzata; Bloom, Linda B; Woodgate, Roger; Cox, Michael M; Goodma ... R35ES028343 Cells (2021 05 01) 34062858 Exiting the NIEHS site 2021 
Single-molecule live-cell imaging reveals RecB-dependent function of DNA polymerase IV in double str ...   Henrikus, Sarah S; Henry, Camille; McGrath, Amy E; Jergic, Slobodan; McDonald, John P; Hellmich ... R35ES028343 Nucleic Acids Res (2020 09 04) 32687193 Exiting the NIEHS site 2020 
AID-RNA polymerase II transcription-dependent deamination of IgV DNA.   Pham, Phuong; Malik, Sohail; Mak, Chiho; Calabrese, Peter C; Roeder, Robert G; Goodman, Myron ... R35ES028343 Nucleic Acids Res (2019 11 18) 31566237 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Conformational regulation of Escherichia coli DNA polymerase V by RecA and ATP.   Jaszczur, Malgorzata M; Vo, Dan D; Stanciauskas, Ramunas; Bertram, Jeffrey G; Sikand, Adhirath; ... R35ES028343 PLoS Genet (2019 02) 30716079 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Random Walk Enzymes: Information Theory, Quantum Isomorphism, and Entropy Dispersion.   Mak, Chi H; Pham, Phuong; Goodman, Myron F R35ES028343 J Phys Chem A (2019 Apr 04) 30848911 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Role of RNase H enzymes in maintaining genome stability in Escherichia coli expressing a steric-gate ...   Walsh, Erin; Henrikus, Sarah S; Vaisman, Alexandra; Makiela-Dzbenska, Karolina; Armstrong, Thom ... R35ES028343 DNA Repair (Amst) (2019 12) 31543434 Exiting the NIEHS site 2019 
Smoking gun for a rare mutation mechanism.   Goodman, Myron F R35ES028343 Nature (2018 02 08) 29420502 Exiting the NIEHS site 2018 
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