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Title: Regularization Methods for High-Dimensional Instrumental Variables Regression With an Application to Genetical Genomics.

Authors: Lin, Wei; Feng, Rui; Li, Hongzhe

Published In J Am Stat Assoc, (2015)

Abstract: In genetical genomics studies, it is important to jointly analyze gene expression data and genetic variants in exploring their associations with complex traits, where the dimensionality of gene expressions and genetic variants can both be much larger than the sample size. Motivated by such modern applications, we consider the problem of variable selection and estimation in high-dimensional sparse instrumental variables models. To overcome the difficulty of high dimensionality and unknown optimal instruments, we propose a two-stage regularization framework for identifying and estimating important covariate effects while selecting and estimating optimal instruments. The methodology extends the classical two-stage least squares estimator to high dimensions by exploiting sparsity using sparsity-inducing penalty functions in both stages. The resulting procedure is efficiently implemented by coordinate descent optimization. For the representative L1 regularization and a class of concave regularization methods, we establish estimation, prediction, and model selection properties of the two-stage regularized estimators in the high-dimensional setting where the dimensionality of co-variates and instruments are both allowed to grow exponentially with the sample size. The practical performance of the proposed method is evaluated by simulation studies and its usefulness is illustrated by an analysis of mouse obesity data. Supplementary materials for this article are available online.

PubMed ID: 26392642 Exiting the NIEHS site

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