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Title: Evaluation of the Factor Structure of the Adolescent Stress Questionnaire in Chinese Adolescents.

Authors: Ye, Tianpeng; Cui, Naixue; Yang, Wen; Liu, Jianghong

Published In Psychol Rep, (2019 Dec)

Abstract: This study evaluated the psychometric properties of the Chinese version of Adolescent Stress Questionnaire (ASQ-CN) in a sample of Chinese middle school students (N = 420; 52.14% boys and 47.86% girls). Iterated principal factor analysis and multiple-group principal components cluster analysis supported a six-factor model with 42 items out of 58 items in the ASQ-CN. The internal consistency was from .82 to .90. Girls reported lower stress levels in one subscale, Stress of romantic relationship, whereas no gender differences were found in the other five subscales. Compared with other studies of the ASQ in Westernized countries, the ASQ-CN showed a distinct factor structure that may be explained by cross-cultural differences. Scales constructed from factor analysis related negatively to measures of mindfulness and positively to a measure of behavioral problems, suggesting that they were valid for Chinese adolescent stress. The study did not support a higher order construct of the ASQ-CN. Altogether, our findings suggest that the ASQ-CN is adequate for assessing stressors in Chinese adolescents.

PubMed ID: 30189799 Exiting the NIEHS site

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