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Title: Mineralogical Characterization and Dissolution Experiments in Gamble's Solution of Tremolitic Amphibole from Passo di Caldenno (Sondrio, Italy).

Authors: Vigliaturo, Ruggero; Ventura, Giancarlo Della; Choi, Jessica K; Marengo, Alessandra; Lucci, Federico; O'Shea, Michael J; Pérez-Rodríguez, Ileana; Gieré, Reto

Published In Minerals (Basel), (2018 Dec)

Abstract: In nature, asbestos is often associated with minerals and other non-asbestiform morphologies thought to be harmless, but not much is known about the potential toxic effects of these phases. Therefore, the characterization of natural assemblages should not be limited to asbestos fibers only. This paper combines a multi-analytical characterization of asbestos from Valmalenco (Italy) with data from dissolution experiments conducted in a simulated interstitial lung fluid (Gamble's solution), and a detailed dimensional study that compares the particle population before and after this interaction. The sample is identified as a tremolitic amphibole, exhibiting a predominance of fiber and prismatic habits at lower magnification, but a bladed habit at higher magnification. The results show that at different magnification, the dimensional and habit distributions are notably different. After the dissolution experiments, the sample showed rounded edges and pyramid-shaped dissolution pits. Chemical analyses suggested that a nearly stoichiometric logarithmic loss of Si and Mg occurred associated with a relatively intense release of Ca in the first 24 h, whereas Fe was probably redeposited on the fiber surfaces. A rearrangement of the more frequent habits and dimensions was recorded after the dissolution experiment, with a peculiar increase of the proportion of elongated mineral particles.

PubMed ID: 31572620 Exiting the NIEHS site

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