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Publication Detail

Title: Expanding molecular roles of UV-DDB: Shining light on genome stability and cancer.

Authors: Beecher, Maria; Kumar, Namrata; Jang, Sunbok; Rapić-Otrin, Vesna; Van Houten, Bennett

Published In DNA Repair (Amst), (2020 10)

Abstract: UV-damaged DNA binding protein (UV-DDB) is a heterodimeric complex, composed of DDB1 and DDB2, and is involved in global genome nucleotide excision repair. Mutations in DDB2 are associated with xeroderma pigmentosum complementation group E. UV-DDB forms a ubiquitin E3 ligase complex with cullin-4A and RBX that helps to relax chromatin around UV-induced photoproducts through the ubiquitination of histone H2A. After providing a brief historical perspective on UV-DDB, we review our current knowledge of the structure and function of this intriguing repair protein. Finally, this article discusses emerging data suggesting that UV-DDB may have other non-canonical roles in base excision repair and the etiology of cancer.

PubMed ID: 32739133 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: DNA Repair*; DNA-Binding Proteins/genetics; DNA-Binding Proteins/metabolism*; Genomic Instability; Humans; Mutation; Neoplasms/genetics; Neoplasms/metabolism

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