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Publication Detail

Title: Vitamin D deficiency serves as a precursor to stunted growth and central adiposity in zebrafish.

Authors: Knuth, Megan M; Mahapatra, Debabrata; Jima, Dereje; Wan, Debin; Hammock, Bruce D; Law, Mac; Kullman, Seth W

Published In Sci Rep, (2020 09 29)

Abstract: Emerging evidence demonstrates the importance of sufficient vitamin D (1α, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3) levels during early life stage development with deficiencies associated with long-term effects into adulthood. While vitamin D has traditionally been associated with mineral ion homeostasis, accumulating evidence suggests non-calcemic roles for vitamin D including metabolic homeostasis. In this study, we examined the hypothesis that vitamin D deficiency (VDD) during early life stage development precedes metabolic disruption. Three dietary cohorts of zebrafish were placed on engineered diets including a standard laboratory control diet, a vitamin D null diet, and a vitamin D enriched diet. Zebrafish grown on a vitamin D null diet between 2-12 months post fertilization (mpf) exhibited diminished somatic growth and enhanced central adiposity associated with accumulation and enlargement of visceral and subcutaneous adipose depots indicative of both adipocyte hypertrophy and hyperplasia. VDD zebrafish exhibited elevated hepatic triglycerides, attenuated plasma free fatty acids and attenuated lipoprotein lipase activity consistent with hallmarks of dyslipidemia. VDD induced dysregulation of gene networks associated with growth hormone and insulin signaling, including induction of suppressor of cytokine signaling. These findings indicate that early developmental VDD impacts metabolic health by disrupting the balance between somatic growth and adipose accumulation.

PubMed ID: 32994480 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Adipose Tissue/metabolism; Adiposity/physiology*; Animals; Diet; Growth Disorders/metabolism; Hyperplasia/etiology; Hyperplasia/physiopathology; Liver/metabolism; Obesity, Abdominal/complications; Obesity/metabolism; Vitamin D Deficiency/metabolism*; Vitamin D Deficiency/physiopathology; Vitamin D/metabolism*; Zebrafish Proteins/metabolism; Zebrafish/growth & development; Zebrafish/metabolism

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