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Title: Primo: integration of multiple GWAS and omics QTL summary statistics for elucidation of molecular mechanisms of trait-associated SNPs and detection of pleiotropy in complex traits.

Authors: Gleason, Kevin J; Yang, Fan; Pierce, Brandon L; He, Xin; Chen, Lin S

Published In Genome Biol, (2020 Sep 11)

Abstract: To provide a comprehensive mechanistic interpretation of how known trait-associated SNPs affect complex traits, we propose a method, Primo, for integrative analysis of GWAS summary statistics with multiple sets of omics QTL summary statistics from different cellular conditions or studies. Primo examines association patterns of SNPs to complex and omics traits. In gene regions harboring known susceptibility loci, Primo performs conditional association analysis to account for linkage disequilibrium. Primo allows for unknown study heterogeneity and sample correlations. We show two applications using Primo to examine the molecular mechanisms of known susceptibility loci and to detect and interpret pleiotropic effects.

PubMed ID: 32912334 Exiting the NIEHS site

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