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Publication Detail

Title: Mitigation of Humidity Interference in Colorimetric Sensing of Gases.

Authors: Yu, Jingjing; Wang, Di; Tipparaju, Vishal Varun; Tsow, Francis; Xian, Xiaojun

Published In ACS Sens, (2021 02 26)

Abstract: Colorimetric sensing technologies have been widely used for both quantitative detection of specific analyte and recognition of a large set of analytes in gas phase, ranging from environmental chemicals to biomarkers in breath. However, the accuracy and reliability of the colorimetric gas sensors are threatened by the humidity interference in different application scenarios. Though substantial progress has been made toward new colorimetric sensors development, unless the humidity interference is well addressed, the colorimetric sensors cannot be deployed for real-world applications. Although there are comprehensive and insightful review articles about the colorimetric gas sensors, they have focused more on the progress in new sensing materials, new sensing systems, and new applications. There is a need for reviewing the works that have been done to solve the humidity issue, a challenge that the colorimetric gas sensors commonly face. In this review paper, we analyzed the mechanisms of the humidity interference and discussed the approaches that have been reported to mitigate the humidity interference in colorimetric sensing of environmental gases and breath biomarkers. Finally, the future perspectives of colorimetric sensing technologies are also discussed.

PubMed ID: 33085469 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Biomarkers; Colorimetry*; Gases*; Humidity; Reproducibility of Results

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