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Publication Detail

Title: Organ-on-a-chip technology for the study of the female reproductive system.

Authors: Young, Rachel E; Huh, Dan Dongeun

Published In Adv Drug Deliv Rev, (2021 06)

Abstract: Over the past decade, organs-on-a-chip and microphysiological systems have emerged as a disruptive in vitro technology for biopharmaceutical applications. By enabling new capabilities to engineer physiological living tissues and organ units in the precisely controlled environment of microfabricated devices, these systems offer great promise to advance the frontiers of basic and translational research in biomedical sciences. Here, we review an emerging body of interdisciplinary work directed towards harnessing the power of organ-on-a-chip technology for reproductive biology and medicine. The focus of this topical review is to provide an overview of recent progress in the development of microengineered female reproductive organ models with relevance to drug delivery and discovery. We introduce the engineering design of these advanced in vitro systems and examine their applications in the study of pregnancy, infertility, and reproductive diseases. We also present two case studies that use organ-on-a-chip design principles to model placental drug transport and hormonally regulated crosstalk between multiple female reproductive organs. Finally, we discuss challenges and opportunities for the advancement of reproductive organ-on-a-chip technology.

PubMed ID: 33831478 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Drug Delivery Systems; Drug Discovery; Female; Genitalia, Female*/drug effects; Humans; Lab-On-A-Chip Devices*; Tissue Engineering

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