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Title: Health Lens Analysis: A Strategy to Engage Community in Environmental Health Research in Action.

Authors: Ron, Sharon; Dimitri, Noelle; Ginzburg, Shir Lerman; Reisner, Ellin; Martinez, Pilar Botana; Zamore, Wig; Echevarria, Ben; Brugge, Doug; Martinez, Linda Sprague

Published In Sustainability, (2021 Feb 02)

Abstract: Health Lens Analysis is a tool to facilitate collaboration among diverse community stakeholders. We employed HLA as part of a community based participatory research (CBPR) and action study to mitigate the negative health effects of TRAP and ultrafine particles (UFPs) in Somerville, MA. HLA is a Health in All Policies tool with previously limited implementation in a North American context. As part of the HLA, community and academic partners engaged residents from across near-highway neighborhoods in a series of activities designed to identify health concerns and generate recommendations for policies and projects to improve health over an 18-month planning period. Noise barriers, which may reduce TRAP exposure among residents in addition to reducing traffic noise, were seen as an acceptable solution by community stakeholders. We found HLA to be an effective means to engage stakeholders from across sectors and diverse community residents in critical discourse about the health impacts of near-roadway exposures. The iterative process allowed the project team to fully explore the arguments for noise barriers and preferred health interventions, while building a stakeholder base interested in the mitigation of TRAP, thus, creating a shared language and understanding of the issue.

PubMed ID: 33981451 Exiting the NIEHS site

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