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Title: Development of a sensitive non-competitive immunoassay via immunocomplex binding peptide for the determination of ethyl carbamate in wine samples.

Authors: Fu, Hui-Jun; Chen, Zi-Jian; Wang, Hong; Luo, Lin; Wang, Yu; Huang, Ri-Ming; Xu, Zhen-Lin; Hammock, Bruce

Published In J Hazard Mater, (2021 03 15)

Abstract: Ethyl carbamate is a group of 2A carcinogen ubiquitously existed in fermented foods. The monitoring of its residues was important for evaluating the potential risk to human beings. Immunoassays with good accuracy and simplicity are great analytical tools for small molecule contaminants. However, it is typically confined in a competitive mode for small molecules with drawback of the sensitivity curbing. In this work, three different phages displayed peptides with capability of identifying the xanthyl ethyl carbamate immunocomplex were isolated from phage library. The binding mechanism of peptides and immunocomplex was studied by computer-assisted simulation. Results indicated that the xanthydrol group of xanthyl ethyl carbamate and the Asn-32 and Asn-92 residues of the antibody light chain were mainly responsible for binding. Simultaneously, a sensitive non-competitive immunoassay for detecting ethyl carbamate in wine samples was developed. The established method exhibited a limit of detection of 5.4 ng/mL and a linear range from 8.7 ng/mL to 32 ng/mL for wine samples. In comparison with the conventional competitive immunoassay, the sensitivity of the proposed non-competitive immunoassay was improved by 17-fold. The results of the immunoassay were validated by a standard ultra-performance liquid chromatography-quadrupole/orbitrap high-resolution mass spectrometry, which illustrated good reliability of the proposed assay.

PubMed ID: 33525128 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Humans; Immunoassay; Peptides; Reproducibility of Results; Urethane*; Wine*/analysis

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