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Title: Effect of a gluten-free diet on albuminuria in children with newly diagnosed celiac disease.

Authors: Levine, Jeremiah; Hauptman, Leora; Moy, Libia; Trachtman, Howard

Published In Glomerular Dis, (2021 Apr)

Abstract: BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Altered gastrointestinal permeability in celiac disease (CD) is mediated by zonulin. The receptor for zonulin is expressed on podocytes. Therefore, we tested the effect of a gluten-free diet (GFD) on albuminuria in pediatric patients with newly diagnosed CD. METHODS: We performed a cohort study comparing urinary albumin (μg):creatinine (mg) ratio (ACR) in CD patients vs controls and in response to a GFD. RESULTS: Children with CD (n=46) had higher ACR compared to controls (n=21), 20.2±5.6 versus 8.4±1.1 μg/mg, P=0.16 and exceeded 30 μg/mg (microalbuminuria cut-off) in 7/46 cases. 17 patients had a follow-up assessment (interval 6.1±0.7 months) on a GFD. Baseline ACR was 20.7±5.2 that fell to 10.4±1.5 μg/mg, P=0.035. CONCLUSION: Children and adolescents with newly diagnosed CD have low-grade albuminuria that is numerically higher than controls and that declined after implementation of a GFD. CD may be associated with reversible defects in the glomerular barrier.

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