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Title: Role of the soluble epoxide hydrolase in the hair follicle stem cell homeostasis and hair growth.

Authors: Naeem, Zumer; Zukunft, Sven; Günther, Stephan; Liebner, Stefan; Weigert, Andreas; Hammock, Bruce D; Frömel, Timo; Fleming, Ingrid

Published In Pflugers Arch, (2022 Sep)

Abstract: Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are used as traditional remedies to treat hair loss, but the mechanisms underlying their beneficial effects are not well understood. Here, we explored the role of PUFA metabolites generated by the cytochrome P450/soluble epoxide hydrolase (sEH) pathway in the regulation of the hair follicle cycle. Histological analysis of the skin from wild-type and sEH-/- mice revealed that sEH deletion delayed telogen to anagen transition, and the associated activation of hair follicle stem cells. Interestingly, EdU labeling during the late anagen stage revealed that hair matrix cells from sEH-/- mice proliferated at a greater rate which translated into increased hair growth. Similar effects were observed in in vitro studies using hair follicle explants, where a sEH inhibitor was also able to augment whisker growth in follicles from wild-type mice. sEH activity in the dorsal skin was not constant but altered with the cell cycle, having the most prominent effects on levels of the linoleic acid derivatives 12,13-epoxyoctadecenoic acid (12,13-EpOME), and 12,13-dihydroxyoctadecenoic acid (12,13-DiHOME). Fitting with this, the sEH substrate 12,13-EpOME significantly increased hair shaft growth in isolated anagen stage hair follicles, while its diol; 12,13-DiHOME, had no effect. RNA sequencing of isolated hair matrix cells implicated altered Wnt signaling in the changes associated with sEH deletion. Taken together, our data indicate that the activity of the sEH in hair follicle changes during the hair follicle cycle and impacts on two stem cell populations, i.e., hair follicle stem cells and matrix cells to affect telogen to anagen transition and hair growth.

PubMed ID: 35648219 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Animals; Epoxide Hydrolases*/metabolism; Hair Follicle*/metabolism; Hair/growth & development; Homeostasis; Mice; Mice, Inbred C57BL; Stem Cells*/metabolism

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