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Who We Fund: Rhode Island

These search results have not been confirmed by NIEHS and are therefore, not official. They are to be used only for general information and to inform the public and grantees on the breadth of research funded by NIEHS.

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Title Principal Investigator Institution Grant Number RFA PA Number Program Officer Pubs Primary Science Code Secondary Science Code
2020 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES: WATER GRC hsu-kim, heileen Gordon Research Conferences R13ES031404 PA18-648 Trottier, Brittany 0 25 - Superfund Basic Research (non- P42 center grants) 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
A RESIDENTIAL DUST CONTROL INTERVENTION TO REDUCE EARLY CHILDHOOD EXPOSURE TOCHEMICAL MIXTURES braun, joseph m Brown University R21ES034187 PA20-195 Gray, Kimberly 0 44 - Developmental Biology/Teratogenesis 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
ANNUAL RETREAT OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR CHILDREN'S HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT braun, joseph m Brown University R13ES031830 PA18-648 Gray, Kimberly 0 44 - Developmental Biology/Teratogenesis 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
ENVIRONMENTAL HEAVY METALS AND RISK OF ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE AND STROKE IN THE BRAZILIAN LONGITUDINAL STUDY OF ADULT HEALTH (ELSA-BRASIL) liu, simin Brown University R01ES031391 AI18-054 Joubert, Bonnie 6 41 - Cardiovascular System 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
GESTATIONAL PFAS MIXTURE EXPOSURES, LONGITUDINAL METABOLOMIC PROFILES, AND ADOLESCENT CARDIOMETABOLIC HEALTH braun, joseph m Brown University R01ES032836 PA20-185 Joubert, Bonnie 2 41 - Cardiovascular System 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
HUMAN 3D MICROTISSUES FOR TOXICITY TESTING VIA INTEGRATED IMAGING, MOLECULAR AND FUNCTIONAL ANALYSES morgan, jeffrey r Brown University U01ES028184 PAR16-116 Balshaw, David 8 70 - Tissue Engineering -
INDIRECT GENOTOXICITY IN METAL CARCINOGENESIS zhitkovich, anatoly Brown University R01ES031002 PA19-056 Tyson, Frederick 6 09 - Genome Integrity 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
MUTATIONAL SPECTRA OF BULKY DNA LESIONS li, deyu University Of Rhode Island R01ES028865 ES15-020 Shaughnessy, Daniel 8 09 - Genome Integrity -
NICKEL AND TOXIC TOPOISOMERASE I PRODUCTS zhitkovich, anatoly Brown University R01ES031979 PA20-185 Tyson, Frederick 5 09 - Genome Integrity 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
REGULATION OF P53 AND CHECKPOINT SIGNALING BY CHROMIUM(VI) zhitkovich, anatoly Brown University R01ES028072 PA16-160 Reinlib, Leslie 12 09 - Genome Integrity -
SHIFTING PARADIGMS TO EMERGING TOXINS IN FRESHWATER CYANOBACTERIAL BLOOMS bertin, matthew john University Of Rhode Island R21ES033758 PA20-195 Dzierlenga, Anika 0 33 - Oceans and Human Health 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
SOURCES, TRANSPORT, EXPOSURE & EFFECTS OF PFAS (STEEP) CENTER - RENEWAL lohmann, rainer University Of Rhode Island P42ES027706 ES20-014 Heacock, Michelle 93 35 - Superfund Research Program Centers -
TOXICANT INDUCED DYSREGULATION OF PARVALBUMIN INTERNEURON DEVELOPMENT AND FUNCTION plavicki, jessica susan Brown University R01ES030109 ES18-001 Hollander, Jonathan 5 60 - Nervous System Research 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
TRAINING IN ENVIRONMENTAL PATHOLOGY zhitkovich, anatoly Brown University T32ES007272 PA16-152 Shreffler, Carol 151 87 - Institutional Training/Institutional Career Development Grants 00 - Use when there is no secondary code assigned
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