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Who We Fund: Wisconsin

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Title Principal Investigator Institution Grant Number RFA PA Number Program Officer Pubs Primary Science Code Secondary Science Code
DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION OF ROSETTE ARRAY TECHNOLOGY FOR HUMANNEURODEVELOPMENTAL TOXICITY SCREENING ashton, randolph scott Neurosetta Llc R42ES033912 PA20-265 Ravichandran, Lingamanaidu 1 71 - Alternative Model Development 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
GIGIIGOOINAAN (OUR FISH): A NEW ADVISORY TO PROMOTE ANISHINAABE HEALTH AND WELLNESS dellinger, matthew j Medical College Of Wisconsin R01ES028255 PA16-083 O'Fallon, Liam 5 94 - Communication Research/Environmental Health Literacy -
MOLECULAR & ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY PRE-& POSTDOCTORAL TRAINING PROGRAM bradfield, christopher a University Of Wisconsin-Madison T32ES007015 PA16-152 Shreffler, Carol 479 87 - Institutional Training/Institutional Career Development Grants -
MOLECULAR AND ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY SUMMER RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES PROGRAM (MET-SROP) bradfield, christopher a University Of Wisconsin-Madison R25ES020720 PAR21-168 Humble, Michael 6 87 - Institutional Training/Institutional Career Development Grants -
MULTIFACTORIAL ENVIRONMENTAL INHIBITION OF SONIC HEDGEHOG SIGNALING: IMPACT OF CHEMICAL INTERACTIONS ON PATHWAY ACTIVITY AND CRANIOFACIAL DEVELOPMENT beames, tyler george University Of Wisconsin-Madison F31ES034632 PA21-051 Ravichandran, Lingamanaidu 0 72 - Predictive Toxicology/Assay Development 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
PCB INDUCED NEUROGENIC INFLAMMATION MEDIATES BLADDER DYSFUNCTION stietz, kimberly preston keil University Of Wisconsin-Madison R00ES029537 PA16-193 Shreffler, Carol 14 54 - Kidney and Bladder -
PER- AND POLY-FLUOROALKYL SUBSTANCES (PFAS) IN PREGNANCY VASCULAR AND PLACENTAL DYSFUNCTION kumar, sathish University Of Wisconsin-Madison R01ES033345 PA20-185 Schug, Thaddeus 11 44 - Developmental Biology/Teratogenesis 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
REGULATION OF METABOLISM BY THE ARYL HYDROCARBON RECEPTOR IN HEMATOPOIETIC AND IMMUNE CELL PROGENITORS laiosa, michael d University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee R21ES033748 PA20-195 Humble, Michael 0 52 - Immunology/Immunotoxicology 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
REPRODUCTIVE AND DEVELOPMENTAL TOXICITY OF DIOXIN peterson, richard eugene University Of Wisconsin-Madison R01ES001332 PA16-160 Schug, Thaddeus 139 67 - Male Reproduction -
SHOW-FORWARD: A PATHWAY FOR ENHANCING PARTICIPANT DIVERSITY, ENRICHING DATA, AND IMPROVING ACCESS TO A UNIQUE ENVIRONMENTAL EPIDEMIOLOGY COHORT mathew, jomol p University Of Wisconsin-Madison U24ES036005 ES23-003 Martin, Lindsey 0 74 - Biosensors/Biomarkers 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
THE MUTAGENIC CONSEQUENCES OF REPLICATION-COUPLED DNA REPAIR MECHANISMS mehta, kavi University Of Wisconsin-Madison R00ES034058 PA20-188 Shaughnessy, Daniel 0 09 - Genome Integrity 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
THE PAS SENSOR FAMILY AND HUMAN HEALTH bradfield, christopher a University Of Wisconsin-Madison R35ES028377 ES16-008 Shreffler, Carol 13 05 - Signal Transduction -
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