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Resource Details


C4R COVID-19 Questionnaire

Collaborative Cohort of Cohorts for COVID-19 Research

Columbia University
Publicly Available, No Cost
The purpose of this questionnaire is to ascertain data on COVID-19 testing, self-reported COVID-19 diagnoses and hospitalizations, symptoms, recovery, re-infection, and vaccination. It also assesses the impact of the pandemic on access to healthcare, finances, health-related behaviors, social interactions, and mood. This questionnaire can be administered to individuals with no prior COVID assessments as well as those with prior COVID assessments. If prior assessments are available, text is provided to guide the interviewer to gather new information.

Additional Descriptors

  • Medical Professional, Researcher/Professional Interviewer, Self, Trained Non-Expert
  • Online/Mobile App, Paper/Written, Phone Interview
    • RedCap
      • Chinese, English, Spanish
        • Survey/Questionnaire
          • Age
            • Age: Adult
            • Infectious Disease Outbreak
              • Biological/Infectious Agent
                • Biological/Infectious Agent: Virus
                  • Virus: SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV-1, MERS
                • Community Impacts, Diagnosis/Status/Treatment/Recovery, Symptoms
                  • Risk Reduction Behaviors: Vaccine-related

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