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Title: Synthesis and antioxidant evaluation of (S,S)- and (R,R)-secoisolariciresinol diglucosides (SDGs).

Authors: Mishra, Om P; Simmons, Nicholas; Tyagi, Sonia; Pietrofesa, Ralph; Shuvaev, Vladimir V; Valiulin, Roman A; Heretsch, Philipp; Nicolaou, K C; Christofidou-Solomidou, Melpo

Published In Bioorg Med Chem Lett, (2013 Oct 01)

Abstract: Secoisolariciresinol diglucosides (SDGs) (S,S)-SDG-1 (major isomer in flaxseed) and (R,R)-SDG-2 (minor isomer in flaxseed) were synthesized from vanillin via secoisolariciresinol (6) and glucosyl donor 7 through a concise route that involved chromatographic separation of diastereomeric diglucoside derivatives (S,S)-8 and (R,R)-9. Synthetic (S,S)-SDG-1 and (R,R)-SDG-2 exhibited potent antioxidant properties (EC50=292.17±27.71 μM and 331.94±21.21 μM, respectively), which compared well with that of natural (S,S)-SDG-1 (EC50=275.24±13.15 μM). These values are significantly lower than those of ascorbic acid (EC50=1129.32±88.79 μM) and α-tocopherol (EC50=944.62±148.00 μM). Compounds (S,S)-SDG-1 and (R,R)-SDG-2 also demonstrated powerful scavenging activities against hydroxyl [natural (S,S)-SDG-1: 3.68±0.27; synthetic (S,S)-SDG-1: 2.09±0.16; synthetic (R,R)-SDG-2: 1.96±0.27], peroxyl [natural (S,S)-SDG-1: 2.55±0.11; synthetic (S,S)-SDG-1: 2.20±0.10; synthetic (R,R)-SDG-2: 3.03±0.04] and DPPH [natural (S,S)-SDG-1: EC50=83.94±2.80 μM; synthetic (S,S)-SDG-1: EC50=157.54±21.30 μM; synthetic (R,R)-SDG-2: EC50=123.63±8.67 μM] radicals. These results confirm previous studies with naturally occurring (S,S)-SDG-1 and establish both (S,S)-SDG-1 and (R,R)-SDG-2 as potent antioxidants and free radical scavengers for potential in vivo use.

PubMed ID: 23978651 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Antioxidants/chemical synthesis*; Antioxidants/chemistry; Benzaldehydes/chemistry; Butylene Glycols/chemical synthesis*; Butylene Glycols/chemistry; Flax/chemistry; Free Radical Scavengers/chemistry*; Glucosides/chemical synthesis*; Glucosides/chemistry; Molecular Structure

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