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Publication Detail

Title: The MPLEx Protocol for Multi-omic Analyses of Soil Samples.

Authors: Nicora, Carrie D; Burnum-Johnson, Kristin E; Nakayasu, Ernesto S; Casey, Cameron P; White 3rd, Richard A; Roy Chowdhury, Taniya; Kyle, Jennifer E; Kim, Young-Mo; Smith, Richard D; Metz, Thomas O; Jansson, Janet K; Baker, Erin S

Published In J Vis Exp, (2018 05 30)

Abstract: Mass spectrometry (MS)-based integrated metaproteomic, metabolomic, and lipidomic (multi-omic) studies are transforming our ability to understand and characterize microbial communities in environmental and biological systems. These measurements are even enabling enhanced analyses of complex soil microbial communities, which are the most complex microbial systems known to date. Multi-omic analyses, however, do have sample preparation challenges, since separate extractions are typically needed for each omic study, thereby greatly amplifying the preparation time and amount of sample required. To address this limitation, a 3-in-1 method for the simultaneous extraction of metabolites, proteins, and lipids (MPLEx) from the same soil sample was created by adapting a solvent-based approach. This MPLEx protocol has proven to be both simple and robust for many sample types, even when utilized for limited quantities of complex soil samples. The MPLEx method also greatly enabled the rapid multi-omic measurements needed to gain a better understanding of the members of each microbial community, while evaluating the changes taking place upon biological and environmental perturbations.

PubMed ID: 29912205 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Mass Spectrometry/methods*; Metabolomics/methods*; Soil/chemistry*

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