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Title: A Review of Environmental Epidemiology Studies in Southwestern and Mountain West Rural Minority Populations.

Authors: Gonzales, Melissa; Erdei, Esther; Hoover, Joseph; Nash, Jacob

Published In Curr Epidemiol Rep, (2018 Jun)

Abstract: This review summarizes the recent epidemiologic literature examining environmental exposures and health outcomes in rural, minority populations in the southwestern and mountain west region of the United States identifying areas requiring further data and research.Recent studies (2012-2017) in this region have primarily focused on arsenic exposure (n=10 studies) with similar results reported across populations in this region. Associations between arsenic and cadmium were reported for cardiovascular and kidney disease, type II diabetes, cognitive function, hypothyroidism, and increased prevalence and mortality for lung and other cancers. Also in this review are studies of exposure to particulate matter, environmental tobacco smoke, pesticides and fungicides, heat and ozone.Although small, the current literature identified in this review report consistent adverse health outcomes associated with particulate matter, arsenic, cadmium, and other exposures among rural, minority populations in the southwest/mountain west region of the U.S. This literature provides important insight into the environmental exposures and health effects experienced by the rural populations in these regions. Additional studies that identify sources of environmental exposure are needed. Greater representation of the rural and minority populations from this region into large health studies also remains a need.

PubMed ID: 30906685 Exiting the NIEHS site

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