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Publication Detail

Title: The Local Paracrine Actions of the Pancreatic α-Cell.

Authors: Rodriguez-Diaz, Rayner; Tamayo, Alejandro; Hara, Manami; Caicedo, Alejandro

Published In Diabetes, (2020 04)

Abstract: Secretion of glucagon from the pancreatic α-cells is conventionally seen as the first and most important defense against hypoglycemia. Recent findings, however, show that α-cell signals stimulate insulin secretion from the neighboring β-cell. This article focuses on these seemingly counterintuitive local actions of α-cells and describes how they impact islet biology and glucose metabolism. It is mostly based on studies published in the last decade on the physiology of α-cells in human islets and incorporates results from rodents where appropriate. As this and the accompanying articles show, the emerging picture of α-cell function is one of increased complexity that needs to be considered when developing new therapies aimed at promoting islet function in the context of diabetes.

PubMed ID: 31882565 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Animals; Diabetes Mellitus/metabolism*; Glucagon-Secreting Cells/metabolism*; Glucagon/metabolism*; Humans; Insulin Secretion/physiology; Insulin/metabolism; Paracrine Communication/physiology*

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