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Title: Vape shop owners'/managers' attitudes about CBD, THC, and marijuana legal markets.

Authors: Berg, Carla J; Getachew, Betelihem; Pulvers, Kim; Sussman, Steve; Wagener, Theodore L; Meyers, Christina; Park, Amy; Dorvil, Sarah; Patterson, Akilah; Weber, Amber; Hayes, Rashelle B; Barker, Dianne C; Henriksen, Lisa

Published In Prev Med Rep, (2020 Dec)

Abstract: Over the past decade in the US there have been marked pivotal changes in the policy and retail environment regarding cannabinoids, particularly cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Many vape shops may carry products relevant to these two markets. This study interviewed vape shop owners/managers to assess their perceptions of consumer interests/behaviors regarding CBD and THC and of the impact of legalized marijuana retail on vape shops. The current study involved phone-based semi-structured interviews of 45 vape shop owners/managers in six metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs; Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, San Diego, and Seattle) during Summer 2018. Overall, 82.2% of participants were male, 77.8% were non-Hispanic White, 64.4% were managers, 8.9% reported past 30-day smoking, and 95.6% reported past 30-day vaping. Overall, 44.4% sold e-liquids containing CBD. Vape shop owners/managers indicated minimal perceived risk and some beliefs in therapeutic benefits of CBD products; however, there was a broader range of perspectives regarding marijuana retail and selling marijuana for recreational use. Some chose to distance themselves from marijuana products, their use, and the possibility of entering marijuana retail if it were to evolve in their state, while some indicated high levels of enthusiasm for the growing retail marijuana market. Future research should examine how vape shops and other retailers of CBD and marijuana communicate with consumers about products and modes of using such products, as well as how various industry sectors (e.g., vape shops) adapt or evolve with increasing regulation of nicotine and increasing legalization of marijuana retail.

PubMed ID: 32995147 Exiting the NIEHS site

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