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Publication Detail

Title: Software for counting cells and estimating structural volumes with the optical disector and fractionator.

Authors: Bolender, R P; Charleston, J S

Published In Microsc Res Tech, (1993 Jul 01)

Abstract: We describe MS-DOS software for the optical volume fractionator (OVF), a stereological method combining the principles of the optical disector (Gundersen et al.: Acta Pathol. Microbiol. Immunol. Scand., 96:857-881, 1988) and fractionator (Gundersen: J. Microsc., 143:3-45, 1986). The OVF program estimates the volume of a fixed and embedded structure, the numerical density of cells, and the total number of cells in a structure. The hardware requirements include a PC computer (386 or 486 with VGA graphics) and a conventional light microscope fitted with a rotating stage, extension tube, and length gauge. The software includes an introduction, tutorial, simulator, laboratory tool kit, and report generator. The tool kit improves the efficiency of gathering stereological data with light microscopy and offers a convenient link between the data of light and electron microscopy. A novel algorithm, based on fractionator sampling, gives the volume of a fixed and embedded structure from the same set of sections used for cell counting. A laboratory example illustrates the operation of the software.

PubMed ID: 8358082 Exiting the NIEHS site

MeSH Terms: Algorithms; Animals; Cell Count; Computers; Female; Macaca fascicularis; Neurons/cytology; Software*; Visual Cortex/cytology*

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