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Who We Fund: Missouri

These search results have not been confirmed by NIEHS and are therefore, not official. They are to be used only for general information and to inform the public and grantees on the breadth of research funded by NIEHS.

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Title Principal Investigator Institution Grant Number RFA PA Number Program Officer Pubs Primary Science Code Secondary Science Code
CHLORINATED LIPID MODIFICATION OF PROTEINS: BIOMARKERS OF CHLORINE GAS EXPOSURE ford, david a. Saint Louis University R21ES031562 PAR18-721 Nadadur, Srikanth 3 37 - Counter-Terrorism 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
CROSS-LINKS AT ABASIC SITES IN DUPLEX DNA gates, kent s University Of Missouri-Columbia R01ES021007 PA18-484 Shaughnessy, Daniel 28 09 - Genome Integrity -
DEVELOPING METABOLOMIC TECHNOLOGIES TO ADVANCE ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURE ANALYSIS patti, gary j Washington University R35ES028365 ES16-008 Cui, Yuxia 46 77 - Metabolomics Technology -
HALOLIPID-NEUTROPHIL EXTRACELLULAR TRAP AXIS IN HALOGEN LUNG INJURY ford, david a. Saint Louis University R01ES034383 ES21-006 Nadadur, Srikanth 2 37 - Counter-Terrorism 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
HARNESSING THE LYSOSOME MACHINERY TO COUNTER METAL TOXICITY kornfeld, kerry Washington University R56ES032839 PA20-185 Shaughnessy, Daniel 0 01 - Basic Cellular or Molecular processes 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
INVESTIGATING ELSI ISSUES THAT MAY FACILITATE OR IMPEDE CLINICAL TRANSLATION OF EPIGENOMIC RESEARCH waters, erika a Washington University R01ES033743 PAR20-254 Mcallister, Kimberly 0 92 - Ethical Legal and Social Implications of Research 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
NOVEL PET MARKERS OF COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT IN MANGANESE NEUROTOXICITY criswell, susan Washington University R01ES029524 PA18-484 Hollander, Jonathan 6 76 - Imaging -
PATERNAL RESIDENTIAL EXPOSURE TO UNCONVENTIONAL OIL AND GAS DRILLING (UOG) sutovsky, peter sutovsky University Of Missouri-Columbia R21ES031645 PA19-053 Boyles, Abee 0 28 - Fracking 03 - Carcinogenesis/Cell Transformation
THE WASHU TARGET ENVIRONMENTAL EPIGENOMICS DATA COORDINATION CENTER wang, ting Washington University U24ES026699 ES15-002 Duncan, Christopher 58 10 - Epigenetics -
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