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Electron Spin Resonance Software Database

Contact Name Program Classification
Prof J.S. Waugh ANTIOPE: Simulation of spin dynamics ENDOR, Pulsed, Simulation
Dr G. Della Lunga EPRDisplay: general data analysis of EPR spectra Analysis, Manipulation
Dr. Charles Dismukes DIMER, TRIMER and TETRAMER: Simulates hyperfine spectra for dinuclear spin systems Anisotropic, Cluster, Simulation, Transition-ion
Dr. Ron Mason EPR: General spectral manipulations. Analysis, Manipulation
Dr. Ron Mason FTEPR: Computes FFT of experimental data. ESEEM, Manipulation
Dr. Ron Mason SCAN: Acquire spectra from Varian spectrometer Interface
Dr. Ron Mason SIMEPR: Simple simulations of isotropic EPR spectra Fitting, Isotropic, Simulation, Spin-label
Dr. Ron Mason tune, tunex: Background optimization of spectra Isotropic, Simulation
Professors Gareth R. and Sandra S. Eaton EPR imaging Analysis, Imaging
Dr. Peter G. Fajer Simplex optimization of simulations to experimental data Analysis, Simulation
Prof J. Freed Slow Motion spectra Motion, Simulation
Dr. Ira Goldberg Molecular O2 Simulation
Dr. Ira Goldberg Gas phase EPR Simulation
Dr. Valentin G. Grachev R-SPECTR: programs for analysing spectra Analysis
Prof. Wilfred R. Hagen RHOMBO: g-values for high spin Kramer's systems (S=3/2, 5/2, 7/2 or 9/2) Analysis, Anisotropic, Simulation, Transition-ion
Dr. Graeme R. Hanson EPR_PLOT: Data manipulation and plotting Manipulation
Dr. Graeme R. Hanson EPR50FIT: Least-squares simulation and fitting of S=1/2 anisotropic EPR spectra. Anisotropic, Fitting, Simulation
Professor Brian M.Hoffman GENDOR: Polycrystalline ENDOR Simulation Anisotropic, ENDOR, Simulation, Transition-ion
Professor Brian M.Hoffman SIM 14: Simulates S = 1/2 EPR spectra Anisotropic, Simulation
Prof. James S. Hyde !SUMSPEC92: Post-acquisition spectral processing Manipulation, Utilities
Dr. Richard A. Jackson Maximum entropy analysis Analysis, Isotropic
Dr René A.J. Janssen ESRANA: Analysis of single crystal EPR data Analysis, Crystal
Bruker Spectrospin BESSST Front-end: interface to Bruker standard file-transfer format. Utilities
Mr Yoshio Sakurai Acquisition program for ESR-CT Interface, Manipulation, Simulation
Mr Yoshio Sakurai ESPRIT-330: Data acquisition, Manipulation, simulation Interface, Manipulation, Simulation
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