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Electron Spin Resonance Software Database

Contact Name Program Classification
Prof. Larry Kevan ANGLE, ECHODER, ECHOQD, MR1, QEXCT1, QUANP1, SHELL: Calculation of ESEM spectra Pulsed, Simulation
Prof. Larry Kevan ESR: powder pattern for a nonaxial g-tensor Anisotropic, Simulation
Dr. Burkhard Kirste DATA: Analysis of EPR & ENDOR spectra Analysis, ENDOR
Dr. Burkhard Kirste EPRFT and EPRFTSM and HFFIT and HFFITS: Simulation & least squares fit of EPR spectra Isotropic, Simulation
Dr. Burkhard Kirste MANIP: Manipulation of EPR/ENDOR spectra Manipulation, Utilities
Dr. Burkhard Kirste POLFT: Simulation & iterative fit of EPR powder spectra Analysis, Anisotropic, Simulation, Transition-ion
Dr. Burkhard Kirste POLYN: Simulation of EPR powder spectra Anisotropic, Simulation, Transition-ion
Professor Janis Kliava EPR spectra for S=1/2 - 7/2 ions in disordered solids Anisotropic, Simulation, Transition-ion
Dr R. Kreilick Simulation of EPR & ENDOR "powder" spectra Anisotropic, ENDOR, Simulation
Dr Reinhard Kappl MAGNSPEC, MSPEN and MSGRA: Simulation of powder ENDOR spectra ENDOR, Simulation
Dr. Colin Chignell STDBII (4.5): spin-trapping database Database, Spin-trap
Dr. David J. Lowe Powder spectrum simulation Anisotropic, Manipulation, Simulation, Transition-ion
Prof. Anders Lund X23.BAS: Analysis of ESR/ENDOR spectra of S=1/2 and S=1 systems Crystal, ENDOR, Simulation
Prof. Anders Lund ESR simulation programs ENDOR, Isotropic, Simulation, Spin-spin
Prof. Anders Lund HFS calculations for PC Analysis, Hyperfine, Isotropic
Dr. Douglas Markham MNSIM: Simulates powder spectra for S = 5/2 Anisotropic, Simulation, Transition-ion
Dr John McCracken sespn1, sepac1, seassm: Simulation of powder ESEEM spectra Anisotropic, ESEEM, Pulsed, Simulation
Dr John McCracken spint1: Simulation of powder ESEEM spectra Anisotropic, ESEEM, Pulsed, Simulation
Dr Glenn L. Millhauser HSVD (time-series analysis) functions Utilities
Prof. Sushil K. Misra Simulation and fitting of EPR spectra Analysis, Fitting
Dr Peter Moens Factorsoft: Spectral decomposition of multicomponent EPR powder spectra Analysis, Utilities
Dr. Philip D. Morse, II EPR Ware: Spectrum acquisition,manipulation, interpretation, plotting & storage Interface, Utilities
Dr. Philip D. Morse, II EWSIM: EPR spectra of isotropic organic anion radicals in solution Isotropic, Simulation
Dr. Philip D. Morse, II IW: 1-D &2-D cw-EPR imaging data. Analysis, Imaging, Manipulation, Simulation
Dr. Philip D. Morse, II EWVoight: simulation/optimization of inhomogeneously broadened EPR spectra Analysis, Fitting, Simulation
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