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Electron Spin Resonance Software Database

Contact Name Program Classification
Dr. Philip Aisen Simulation of rhombic spectra with hyperfine couplings Anisotropic, Simulation
Dr. Judith Arber Measurement of alanine dosimeter spectra Analysis
Prof David P. Ballou A: Display routines for stopped-flow kinetic spectra Kinetics, Utilities
Thomas Behner ROTC - Rotational diagrams of single crystal spectra. Analysis, Crystal
Thomas Behner TOMAS: spectral manipulation routines Interface, Manipulation
Dr Virgilio Beltran-Lopez Powderspec3: Analytical solution to calculation of powder pattern of S>1/2 ions in axial fields Anisotropic, Simulation, Transition-ion
Nikolas P. Benetis XANI: simluation of powder spectra with hyperfine and exchange couplings Anisotropic, Crystal, Hyperfine, Motion, Simulation, Spin-spin
Professor Patrick Bertrand Simulation of g-strain broadened EPR spectra Anisotropic, Simulation, Spin-spin, Transition-ion
Dr. Igor G. Botsan Simulation of anti-ferromagnetic trinuclear exchange clusters Cluster, Simulation
Dr. Rolf Bottcher Powder spectrum simulation Anisotropic, ENDOR, Simulation
Dr. Michael K. Bowman Data processing routines: ESEEM, Manipulation, Utilities
Prof. Gary W. Brudvig Pulsed and cw Spectrometer controller Interface, Pulsed
Bruker Spectrospin ESP 1600: control software for ESP300 series spectrometers Interface, Manipulation
Bruker Spectrospin Simfonia: powder spectrum simulations Anisotropic, Isotropic, Simulation
Bruker Spectrospin WIN-EPR, WIN-EPR 2D: Off-line spectral manipulation Manipulation
Dr Steven Brumby E123: spectrum acquisition and analysis Analysis, Simulation
Calleo Scientific Software Publishers ESR, ESR II, ESR^a, ESR^a II: anisotropic first order simulations Anisotropic, Isotropic, Simulation
Dr. Claude Chachaty BRDF: Dynamics of spin probes Isotropic, Motion, Simulation, Spin-probe
Dr. Claude Chachaty ESRAPL: suite of programs for applications of magnetic resonance Anisotropic, Isotropic, Motion, Simulation, Spin-probe
Dr. N.D.Chasteen EPRPOW: Simulates powder EPR spectra for S = 1/2 systems with hyperfine interactions Anisotropic, Simulation
Dr. David Collison DIA: Diagonalize matrices for analysis of single crystal data Analysis, Crystal
Dr. David Collison LSIM: Simulation of powder (& single orientation) spectra for S=1/2 with metal hyperfine Anisotropic, Simulation, Transition-ion
Dr. David Collison LSQ: Least squares fitting to single crystal data Analysis, Crystal
Dr. David Collison MANIP: Relates g & A tensors to molecular structure for single crystal data Analysis, Crystal
Dr. David Collison SSIM: Simulation of powder (& single orientation) spectra for S>1/2 Anisotropic, Simulation, Transition-ion
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