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Your Environment. Your Health.

Person Details: Edward J. Bouwer

Superfund Research Program

Edward J. Bouwer

Johns Hopkins University
Department of Environmental Health and Engineering
3400 N. Charles Street
Ames Hall 313
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Phone: 410-516-7437


Hazardous Waste Sites

Standard Chlorine of Delaware, Inc

  • Johns Hopkins University: Dual-Biofilm Reactive Barrier for Treatment of Chlorinated Benzenes at Anaerobic-Aerobic Interfaces in Contaminated Groundwater and Sediments




  • McCormick ML, Bouwer EJ, Adriaens P. 2002. Carbon tetrachloride transformation in a defined iron-reducing culture: relative kinetics of biotic and abiotic reactions. Environ Sci Technol 36:403-410.


  • Logan BE, Jewett DG, Arnold RG, Bouwer EJ, O'Melia CR. 1997. Reply to comment by S. Qi on "Clarification of clean-bed filtration models". J Environ Eng (New York) 123(7):730-731.


  • Logan BE, Jewett DG, Arnold RG, Bouwer EJ, O'Melia CR. 1995. Clarification of clean-bed filtration models. J Environ Eng (New York) 121(12):869-873.
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