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Currently Funded Individual Research Grants

Superfund Research Program

Currently Funded Individual Research Grants (R01) Programs

These grants were funded under RFA-ES-20-004: Optimizing Natural Systems for Remediation: Utilizing Innovative Materials Science Approaches to Enhance Bioremediation (R01).

  • Florida State University
    Enhancing Bioremediation of Groundwater Co-contaminated by Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds and 1,4-Dioxane Using Novel Macrocyclic Materials
    Project Leader: Youneng Tang
    Funding Period: 2021-2025
  • Oregon State University
    Development of Passive and Sustainable Cometabolic Systems to Treat Complex Contaminant Mixtures by Encapsulating Microbial Cultures and Slow Release Substrates in Hydrogels
    Project Leader: Lewis Semprini
    Funding Period: 2021-2025
  • Princeton University
    Enhancing transport and delivery of ferrihydrite nanoparticles via polymer encapsulation in PFAS-contaminated sediments to simulate PFAS defluorination by Acidimicrobium sp. Strain A6
    Project Leader: Peter Jaffe
    Funding Period: 2021-2025
  • SUNY at Buffalo
    Model-aided Design and Integration of Functionalized Hybrid Nanomaterials for Enhanced Bioremediation of Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs)
    Project Leader: Diana S. Aga
    Funding Period: 2021-2025
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Research
    Efficient Bioremediation of Environmentally Persistent Contaminants with Nanomaterial-Fungus Framework (NFF)
    Project Leader: Susan Dai
    Funding Period: 2021-2025
  • University of California-Riverside
    Synergistic Material-Microbe Interface towards Faster, Deeper, and Air-tolerant Reductive Dehalogenation
    Project Leader: Yujie Men
    Funding Period: 2021-2025
  • University of Iowa
    Elucidating mechanisms for enhanced anaerobic bioremediation in the presence of carbonaceous materials using an integrated material science and molecular microbial ecology approach
    Project Leader: Timothy E. Mattes
    Funding Period: 2021-2025
  • University of Maryland-Baltimore County
    Leveraging the Chemo-Physical Interaction of Halorespiring Bacteria with Solid Surfaces to Enhance Halogenated Organic Compounds Bioremediation
    Project Leader: Upal Ghosh
    Funding Period: 2021-2025
  • University of Massachusetts
    A Novel Strategy for Arsenic Phytoremediation
    Project Leader: Om Parkash Dhankher
    Funding Period: 2021-2025
  • Yale University
    Understanding and Enhancing PFAS Phytoremediation Mechanisms Using Novel Nanomaterials
    Project Leader: Vasilis Vasiliou
    Funding Period: 2021-2025
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