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Superfund Research Program

Currently Funded Individual Research Grants (R01) Programs

Visit the SRP Progress in Research Webinars: Biogeochemical Interactions Grantees page for information about webinars that featured the currently funded R01 grantees. These grants were funded under RFA-ES-13-010: Biogeochemical Interactions Affecting Bioavailability for in situ Remediation of Hazardous Substances (R01). For a downloadable summary of R01 grants, see the Individual Research Projects Flyer(591KB).

Colorado School of Mines
Investigating Biogeochemical Controls on Metal Mixture Toxicity Using Stable Isotopes and Gene Expressions
Project Leader: James F. Ranville
Funding Period: 2014-2018

Duke University
Biogeochemical Framework to Evaluate Mercury Methylation Potential During in-situ Remediation of Contaminated Sediments
Project Leader: Heileen Hsu-Kim
Funding Period: 2014-2018

Johns Hopkins University
Dual-Biofilm Reactive Barrier for Treatment of Chlorinated Benzenes at Anaerobic-Aerobic Interfaces in Contaminated Groundwater and Sediments
Project Leader: Edward J. Bouwer
Funding Period: 2014-2018

University of California-Berkeley
Metabolic Interactions Supporting Effective TCE Bioremediation under Various Biogeochemical Conditions
Project Leader: Lisa Alvarez-Cohen
Funding Period: 2014-2018

University of California-Riverside
Exploring the Importance of Aging in Contaminant Bioavailability and Remediation
Project Leaders: Jay Gan, Daniel Schlenk
Funding Period: 2014-2018

University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Development of in-situ Mercury Remediation Approaches Based on Methylmercury Bioavailability
Project Leader: Upal Ghosh
Funding Period: 2014-2018

University of Tennessee
Biogeochemical Controls over Corrinoid Bioavailability to Organohalide-Respiring Chloroflexi
Project Leader: Frank E. Loeffler
Funding Period: 2014-2017

Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Impact of Groundwater-Surface Water Dynamics on in situ Remediation Efficacy and Bioavailability of NAPL Contaminants
Project Leaders: Michael Unger, Aaron Beck
Funding Period: 2014-2018