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Person Details: Vasilis Vasiliou

Superfund Research Program

Vasilis Vasiliou

Yale University






  • Shertzer HG, Vasiliou V, Liu R, Tabor MW, Nebert DW. 1995. Enzyme induction by L-buthionine (S,R)-sulfoximine in cultured mouse hepatoma cells. Chem Res Toxicol 8(3):431-436. PMID:7578930
  • Vasiliou V, Puga A, Tabor MW, Nebert DW. 1995. Role of the AP-1-like electrophile response element in the induction of murine phase II [Ah] battery gene expression. Biochem Pharmacol 50:2057-2068.


  • Liu R, Vasiliou V, Zhu H, Duh J, Tabor MW, Puga A, Nebert DW, Sainsbury M, Shertzer HG. 1994. Regulation of [Ah] gene battery enzymes and glutathione levels by 5,10-dihydroindeno[1,2-b]indole in mouse hepatoma cell lines. Carcinogenesis 15(10):2347-2352. PMID:7955076
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