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2witech Solutions LLC

Superfund Research Program

Fast Field Screening of PFAS in Non-Portable Waters..

Project Leader: Qingwu Wang
Grant Number: R43ES035347
Funding Period: Phase I: May 2023 - April 2024
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The research team is developing a portable electrochemical sensing device for quick field screening of trace PFAS in non-potable waters (groundwater, surface water, and wastewater) by combining its recent achievement in molecular- imprinting technology and electrochemical sensor development. The overall objective of the Phase I effort is to demonstrate a dynamic range up to 200ppt levels of perfluorinated chemicals in water with detection limit of 1ppt, response time within minutes and selectivity of PFAS against interfering ions and organics as well as recoverability for quick determination. The developed sensor will be examined for its applicability in real contaminated ground water samples as well. The research team is identifying the methods and materials required to achieve the project's stated objective. This information will be used to optimize sensor performance and serve as the basis for future development of perfluorinated chemical sensors. For technology commercialization, the research team is collaborating with Water Analytics, Inc. (Andover MA,, which is a leading producer of sensing devices for wastewater treatment. Water Analytics' engineering capability and sales channels will be used for product prototyping and sales of the proposed sensor.

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