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News Items: University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Superfund Research Program

Development of in-situ Mercury Remediation Approaches Based on Methylmercury Bioavailability

Project Leader: Upal Ghosh
Grant Number: R01ES024284
Funding Period: 2014-2021

News Items List

  • Simplifying PCB Concentration Calculations in Sediment
    SRP News Page - October 2018
    Simple adjustment methods perform as well as or better than complex methods for calculating porewater concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), according to new research from SRP-funded engineering professor Upal Ghosh, Ph.D. Porewater is the water that fills the spaces between particles of sediment.
  • SRP Grantees Present at Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable
    SRP News Page - June 2016
    Superfund Research Program (SRP)-funded researchers Michelle Lorah, Ph.D., and Upal Ghosh, Ph.D., were featured at the Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable (FRTR) meeting on May 11. The FRTR meeting brings together federal agencies involved in hazardous waste site cleanup to share information, learn about new technologies, and discuss future directions.
  • Ghosh Awarded Prestigious Environmental Engineering and Science Awards
    SRP News Page - April 2015
    Superfund Research Program (SRP) grantee Upal Ghosh, Ph.D., and his research team received two 2015 Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science awards for the development and application of innovative remediation technologies.
  • SRP Research Shines at Battelle Conference
    SRP News Page - March 2015
    Superfund Research Program (SRP) staff and grantees were well represented at the Eighth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments, January 12-15, 2015, organized and presented by Battelle and other sponsors.
  • SRP promotes innovative research tools for environmental remediation
    Environmental Factor - July 2014
    NIEHS Superfund Research Program (SRP) staff participated in the 23rd National Association of Remedial Project Managers (NARPM) Training Program June 16-20 in Atlanta. They showcased SRP tools and resources available to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) remedial project managers.
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