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Person Details: Julia Green Brody

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Superfund Research Program

Julia Green Brody

Silent Spring Institute
320 Nevada Street, Suite 302
Newton, Massachusetts 02460
Phone: 617-332-4288




  • Cardona-Cordero NR, Previdi IL, Torres H, Ayala I, Boronow KE, Rivera A, Meeker JD, Alshawabkeh AN, Cordero JF, Brody JG, Brown P, Velez Vega CM. 2023. Mi PROTECT: A personalized smartphone platform to report back results to participants of a maternal-child and environmental health research cohort program in Puerto Rico. PLOS Digit Health 2(1):doi:10.1371/journal.pdig.0000172 PMID:36812649 PMCID:PMC9931308
  • Korfmacher KS, Brody JG. 2023. Moving forward with reporting back individual environmental health research results. Environ Health Perspect 131(12):125002. doi:10.1289/EHP12463 PMID:38095662 PMCID:PMC10720702


  • Brody JG, Brown P, Morello-Frosch R. 2019. Returning chemical exposure results to individuals and communities. In: Environmental Health Literacy. Springer, pp.135-164.


  • Ohayon JL, Cousins E, Brown P, Morello-Frosch R, Brody JG. 2017. Researcher and institutional review board perspectives on the benefits and challenges of reporting back biomonitoring and environmental exposure results. Environ Res 153:140-149. doi:10.1016/j.envres.2016.12.003 PMID:27960129




  • Brody JG, Aschengrau A, McKelvey W, Rudel RA, Swartz CH, Kennedy T. 2004. Breast cancer risk and historical exposure to pesticides from wide-area applications assessed with GIS. Environ Health Perspect 112(8):889-897. PMID:15175178
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