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Your Environment. Your Health.

Person Details: Eugene Demidenko

Superfund Research Program

Eugene Demidenko

Dartmouth College
Department of Community and Family Medicine
7927 Rubin Building
One Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, New Hampshire 03756-1000
Phone: 603-653-3682
Fax: 603-653-9038







  • Dietrich K, Demidenko E, Schned AR, Zens MS, Heaney JA, Karagas MR. 2011. Parity, early menopause and the incidence of bladder cancer in women: a case-control study and meta-analysis. Eur J Cancer 47(4):592-599. doi:10.1016/j.ejca.2010.10.007 PMID:21067913 PMCID:PMC3042804 (Completed with ARRA Funds)


  • Andrew AS, Karagas MR, Nelson HH, Guarrera S, Polidoro S, Gamberini S, Sacerdote C, Moore JH, Kelsey KT, Demidenko E, Vineis P, Matullo G. 2008. DNA repair polymorphisms modify bladder cancer risk: a multi-factor analytic strategy. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 65(2):105-118. doi:10.1159/000108942 PMID:17898541 PMCID:PMC2857629


  • Andrew AS, Burgess JL, Meza MM, Demidenko E, Waugh MG, Hamilton JW, Karagas MR. 2006. Arsenic exposure is associated with decreased DNA repair in vitro and in individuals exposed to drinking water arsenic. Environ Health Perspect 114(8):1193-1198. PMID:16882524 PMCID:PMC1552016


  • Karagas MR, Tosteson TD, Morris J, Demidenko E, Mott LA, Heaney JA, Schned AR. 2004. Incidence of transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder and arsenic exposure in New Hampshire. Cancer Causes Control 15(5):465-472. PMID:15286466


  • Tosteson TD, Buzas JS, Demidenko E, Karagas MR. 2003. Power and sample size calculations for generalized regression models with covariate measurement error. Stat Med 22(7):1069-1082. PMID:12652554
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