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Person Details: Matthew L. Polizzotto

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Superfund Research Program

Matthew L. Polizzotto

University of Oregon
1272 University of Oregon
100 Cascade Hall
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1272
Phone: 541-346-5217




  • Duckworth O, Polizzotto ML, Thompson A. 2022. Bringing soil chemistry to environmental health science to tackle soil contaminants. front environ sci doi:10.3389/fenvs.2022.981607
  • Peel HR, Balogun FO, Bowers CA, Miller CT, Obeidy C, Polizzotto ML, Tashnia SU, Vinson D, Duckworth O. 2022. Towards understanding factors affecting arsenic, chromium, and vanadium mobility in the subsurface. Water (Basel) 14(22):3687. doi:10.3390/w14223687 PMID:36420182 PMCID:PMC9681123


  • Mailloux BJ, Alexandrova E, Keimowitz AR, Wovkulich K, Freyer GA, Herron M, Stolz JF, Kenna TC, Pichler T, Polizzotto ML, Dong H, Bishop ME, Knappett PS. 2009. Microbial mineral weathering for nutrient acquisition releases arsenic. Appl Environ Microbiol 75(8):2558-2565. doi:10.1128/AEM.02440-07 PMID:19251899 PMCID:PMC2675215
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