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Person Details: Kun Lu

Superfund Research Program

Kun Lu

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
135 Dauer Drive
0031 Michael Hooker Research Center
CB# 7431
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599
Phone: 919-966-7337


Research Briefs



  • Hsiao Y, Johnson G, Yang Y, Liu C, Feng J, Zhao H, Moy SS, Harper KM, Lu K. 2023. Evaluation of neurological behavior alterations and metabolic changes in mice under chronic glyphosate exposure. Arch Toxicol doi:10.1007/s00204-023-03622-0 PMID:37922104
  • Hsiao Y, Matulewicz RS, Sherman SE, Jaspers I, Weitzman ML, Gordon T, Liu C, Yang Y, Lu K, Bjurlin MA. 2023. Untargeted metabolomics to characterize the urinary chemical landscape of e-cigarette users. Chem Res Toxicol 36(4):630-642. doi:10.1021/acs.chemrestox.2c00346 PMID:36912507 PMCID:PMC10371198
  • Ji M, Xu X, Xu Q, Hsiao Y, Martin C, Ukraintseva S, Popov V, Arbeev KG, Randall TA, Wu X, Garcia-Peterson LM, Liu J, Xu X, Azcarte-Peril MA, Wan Y, Yashin AI, Anantharaman K, Lu K, Li J, Shats I, Li X. 2023. Methionine restriction-induced sulfur deficiency impairs antitumour immunity partially through gut microbiota. Nat Metab doi:10.1038/s42255-023-00854-3 PMID:37537369
  • Yang Y, Chi L, Liu C, Hsiao Y, Lu K. 2023. Chronic arsenic exposure perturbs gut microbiota and bile acid homeostasis in mice. Chem Res Toxicol 36(7):1037-1043. doi:10.1021/acs.chemrestox.2c00410 PMID:37295807
  • Yang Y, Hsiao Y, Liu C, Lu K. 2023. The role of nuclear receptor FXR in arsenic-induced glucose intolerance in mice. Toxics 11(10):833. doi:10.3390/toxics11100833 PMID:37888683 PMCID:PMC10611046


  • Avery CL, Howard AG, Ballou AF, Buchanan VL, Collins JM, Downie CG, Engel SM, Graff M, Highland HM, Lee MP, Lilly AG, Lu K, Rager JE, Staley BS, North KE, Gordon-Larsen P. 2022. Strengthening Causal Inference in Exposomics Research: Application of Genetic Data and Methods. Environ Health Perspect 130(5):55001. doi:10.1289/EHP9098 PMID:35533073 PMCID:PMC9084332
  • Chao A, Grossman J, Carberry C, Lai Y, Williams AJ, Minucci JM, Purucker ST, Szilagyi JT, Lu K, Boggess K, Fry RC, Sobus JR, Rager JE. 2022. Integrative exposomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic analyses of human placental samples links understudied chemicals to preeclampsia. Environ Int 167:107385. doi:10.1016/j.envint.2022.107385 PMID:35952468 PMCID:PMC9552572
  • Griggs JL, Chi L, Hanley NM, Kohan M, Herbin-Davis K, Thomas DJ, Lu K, Fry RC, Bradham KD. 2022. Bioaccessibility of arsenic from contaminated soils and alteration of the gut microbiome in an in vitro gastrointestinal model. Environ Pollut 309:doi:10.1016/j.envpol.2022.119753 PMID:35835276
  • Hsiao Y, Liu C, Robinette C, Knight N, Lu K, Rebuli ME. 2022. Development of LC-HRMS untargeted analysis methods for nasal epithelial lining fluid exposomics. J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol doi:10.1038/s41370-022-00448-3
  • Lai Y, Dhingra R, Zhang Z, Ball LM, Zylka MJ, Lu K. 2022. Toward elucidating the human gut microbiota-brain axis: molecules, biochemistry, and implications for health and diseases. Biochemistry 61(24):2806-2821. doi:10.1021/acs.biochem.1c00656 PMID:34910469
  • Pollard JA, Furutani E, Liu S, Esrick E, Cohen LE, Bledsoe J, Liu C, Lu K, Ramirez de Haro MJ, Surralles J, Malsch M, Kuniholm A, Galvin A, Armant M, Kim AS, Ballotti K, Moreau L, Zhou Y, Babushok D, Boulad F, Carroll C, Hartung H, Hont A, Nakano T, Olson T, Sze S, Thompson AA, Wlodarski MW, Gu X, Libermann TA, D'Andrea A, Grompe M, Weller E, Shimamura A. 2022. Metformin for treatment of cytopenias in children and young adults with Fanconi anemia. Blood Adv 6(12):3803-3811. doi:10.1182/bloodadvances.2021006490 PMID:35500223
  • Tu P, Chi L, Bian X, Gao B, Ru H, Lu K. 2022. A black raspberry-rich diet protects from dextran sulfate sodium-induced intestinal inflammation and host metabolic perturbation in association with increased aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligands in the gut microbiota of mice. Front Nutr 9:doi:10.3389/fnut.2022.842298 PMID:35734371 PMCID:PMC9208328





  • Wu F, Chi L, Ru H, Parvez F, Slavkovich VN, Eunus M, Ahmed A, Islam T, Rakibuz-Zaman M, Hasan R, Sarwar G, Graziano JH, Ahsan H, Lu K, Chen Y. 2018. Arsenic exposure from drinking water and urinary metabolomics: Associations and long-term reproducibility in Bangladesh adults. Environ Health Perspect 126(1):017005. doi:10.1289/ehp1992 PMID:29329102 PMCID:PMC6014710





  • Lu K, Moeller BC, Doyle-Eisele M, McDonald JD, Swenberg JA. 2011. Molecular dosimetry of N2-hydroxymethyl-dG DNA adducts in rats exposed to formaldehyde. Chem Res Toxicol 24(2):159-161. doi:10.1021/tx1003886 PMID:21155545 PMCID:PMC3128468
  • Moeller BC, Lu K, Doyle-Eisele M, McDonald JD, Gigliotti A, Swenberg JA. 2011. Determination of N2-hydroxymethyl-dG adducts in the nasal epithelium and bone marrow of nonhuman primates following 13CD2-formaldehyde inhalation exposure. Chem Res Toxicol 24(2):162-164. doi:10.1021/tx1004166 PMID:21222454 PMCID:PMC3273041
  • Swenberg JA, Lu K, Moeller BC, Gao L, Upton PB, Nakamura J, Starr TB. 2011. Endogenous versus exogenous DNA adducts: their role in carcinogenesis, epidemiology, and risk assessment. Toxicol Sci 120(suppl1):S130-S145. doi:10.1093/toxsci/kfq371 PMID:21163908 PMCID:PMC3043087


  • Lu K, Collins LB, Ru H, Bermudez E, Swenberg JA. 2010. Distribution of DNA adducts caused by inhaled formaldehyde is consistent with induction of nasal carcinoma but not Leukemia. Toxicol Sci 116(2):441-451. doi:10.1093/toxsci/kfq061 PMID:20176625 PMCID:PMC2905397
  • Lu K, Ye W, Zhou L, Collins LB, Chen X, Gold A, Ball LM, Swenberg JA. 2010. Structural characterization of formaldehyde-induced cross-links between amino acids and deoxynucleosides and their oligomers. J Am Chem Soc 132(10):3388-3399. doi:10.1021/ja908282f PMID:20178313 PMCID:PMC2866014



  • Lu K, Boysen G, Swenberg JA, Gao L, Collins LB. 2008. Formaldehyde-induced histone modifications in vitro. Chem Res Toxicol 21(8):1586-1593. doi:10.1021/tx8000576 PMID:18656964
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