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Person Details: Dr. Hyam L. Leffert

Superfund Research Program

Dr. Hyam L. Leffert

University of California-San Diego
Department of Pharmacology
9500 Gilman Drive
Mail Code 0636
La Jolla, California 92093-0636
Phone: 858-534-2354
Fax: 858-822-4184


  • University of California-San Diego: Outreach Core (2000 - 2005)





  • Maeda S, Kamata H, Luo J, Leffert HL, Karin M. 2005. IKKB couples hepatocyte death to cytokine-driven compensatory proliferation that promotes chemical hepatocarcinogenesis. Cell 121(7):977-990. PMID:15989949
  • Zhang M, Joseph B, Gupta S, Guest I, Xu M, Sell S, Son K, Koch KS, Leffert HL. 2005. Embryonic mouse STO cell-derived xenografts express hepatocytic functions in the livers of nonimmunosuppressed adult rats. Stem Cells 23(2):186-199. PMID:15671142


  • Son K, Zhang M, Rucobo E, Nwaigwe D, Montgomery F, Leffert HL. 2004. Derivation and study of human epithelial cell lines resistant to killing by chromium trioxide. J Toxicol Environ Health A 67(13):1027-1049. PMID:15205032


  • Koch KS, Leffert HL. 2003. Normal liver progenitor cells in culture. In: Stem Cells Handbook. Humana Press, Inc., Totowa, NJ.
  • Maeda S, Chang L, Li Z, Luo J, Leffert HL, Karin M. 2003. IKK beta is required for prevention of apoptosis mediated by cell-bound but not by circulating TNF alpha. Immunity 19(5):725-737. PMID:14614859
  • Zhang M, Sell S, Leffert HL. 2003. Hepatic progenitor cell lines from allyl alcohol-treated adult rats are derived from gamma-irradiated mouse STO cells. Stem Cells 21(4):449-458. PMID:12832698


  • Yin L, Sun M, Ilic Z, Leffert HL, Sell S. 2002. Derivation, characterization, and phenotypic variation of hepatic progenitor cell lines isolated from adult rats. Hepatology 35(2):315-324. PMID:11826404


  • Fabregat I, Koch KS, Aoki T, Atkinson AE, Dang H, Amosova O, Fresco JR, Schildkraut CL, Leffert HL. 2001. Functional pleiotropy of an intramolecular triplex-forming fragment from the 3'UTR of the rat Pigr gene. Physiol Genomics 5(2):53-65. PMID:11242589
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