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Person Details: Garett Sansom

Superfund Research Program

Garett Sansom

Texas A&M University




  • Atoba K, Newman G, Sansom G. 2023. Multi-hazard property buyouts: Making a case for the acquisition of flood and contaminant-prone residential properties in Galena Park, TX. Clim Risk Manag 41:100529. doi:10.1016/j.crm.2023.100529


  • Fawkes L, McDonald TJ, Roh T, Chiu WA, Taylor RJ, Sansom G. 2022. A participatory-based research approach for assessing exposure to lead-contaminated drinking water in the Houston neighborhood of the Greater Fifth Ward. Int J Environ Res Public Health 19(13):doi:10.3390/ijerph19138135
  • Newman G, Sansom G, Yu S, Kirsch KR, Li D, Kim Y, Horney JA, Kim G, Musharrat S. 2022. A framework for evaluating the effects of green infrastructure in mitigating pollutant transferal and flood events in Sunnyside, Houston, TX. Sustainability 14(7):4247. doi:10.3390/su14074247
  • Sansom G, Fawkes L, Thompson C, Losa LM, McDonald TJ, Chiu WA. 2022. Cancer risk associated with soil distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons within three environmental justice neighborhoods in Houston, Texas. Environ Geochem Health doi:10.1007/s10653-022-01245-5 PMID:35246781
  • Sansom G, Thompson C, Sansom L, Fawkes L, Boerlin E. 2022. Compounding impacts of hazard exposures on mental health in Houston, TX. Nat Hazards Rev 111:2809-2818. doi:10.1007/s11069-021-05158-x
  • Sarnosky K, Benden M, Sansom G, Cizmas LH, Regan A. 2022. Impact of workplace displacement during a natural disaster on computer performance metrics: A 2-year interrupted time series analysis. WORK 71(2):465-470. doi:10.3233/WOR-210707 PMID:35095008 PMCID:PMC8925109



  • Newman G, Shi T, Yao Z, Li D, Sansom G, Kirsch KR, Casillas GA, Horney JA. 2020. Citizen science-informed community master planning: land use and built environment changes to increase flood resilience and decrease contaminant exposure. Int J Environ Res Public Health 17:doi:10.3390/ijerph17020486 PMID:31940904
  • Sansom G, Aarvig K, Sansom L, Thompson C, Fawkes L, Katare A. 2020. Understanding risk communication and willingness to follow emergency recommendations following anthropogenic disasters. Environ Justice 14:2. doi:10.1089/env.2020.0050
  • Sansom G, Kirsch KR, Horney JA. 2020. Using the 12-item short form health survey (SF-12) to assess self rated health of an engaged population impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Houston, TX. BMC Public Health 20:doi:10.1186/s12889-020-8349-x PMID:32075614 PMCID:PMC7031970


  • Masterson J, Meyer M, Ghariabeh N, Hendricks M, Lee R, Musharrat S, Newman G, Sansom G, Van Zandt S. 2019. Interdisciplinary citizen science and design projects for hazard and disaster education. Int J Mass Emergencies Disasters 37:PMCID:PMC6594559
  • Sansom G, Berke P, McDonald TJ, Shipp E, Horney JA. 2019. Evaluating the impact of race and gender on environmental risk perceptions in the Houston neighborhood of Manchester. Environ Justice 12(3):doi:10.1089/env.2018.0028 PMID:31871531 PMCID:PMC6927678
  • Sansom G, Cizmas LH, Aarvig K, Dixon B, Kirsch KR, Katare A, Sansom L. 2019. Vulnerable populations exposed to lead-contaminated drinking water within Houston Ship Channel communities. Int J Environ Res Public Health 16(15):E2745. doi:10.3390/ijerph16152745 PMID:31374814 PMCID:PMC6695821


  • Meyer MA, Hendricks M, Newman G, Masterson J, Cooper JT, Sansom G, Gharaibeh N, Horney JA, Berke P, Van Zandt S, Cousins T. 2018. Participatory action research: tools for disaster resilience education. Int J Disaster Resil Built Environ 9:402-419. doi:10.1108/ijdrbe-02-2017-0015 PMID:30519288 PMCID:PMC6277034
  • Sansom G, Kirsch KR, Stone KW, McDonald TJ, Horney JA. 2018. Domestic exposures to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a Houston, Texas, environmental justice neighborhood. Environ Justice 11(5):183-191. doi:10.1089/env.2018.0004 PMID:30464781 PMCID:PMC6241524


  • Meyer M, Hendricks M, Newman G, Horney JA, Berke P, Masterson J, Sansom G, Cousins T, Van Zandt S, Cooper JT. 2017. Urban environmental resiliency: Using participatory methods for hazard adaptation and climate justice in socially vulnerable communities. Int J Disaster Resil Built Environ 9(4):(in press)
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