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Person Details: Thomas C. Voice

Superfund Research Program

Thomas C. Voice

Michigan State University
Civil and Environmental Engineering
A-125 Engineering Research Complex
East Lansing, Michigan 48824
Phone: 517-355-8240
Fax: 517-355-0250




  • Dybas MJ, Hyndman DW, Heine R, Tiedje JM, Linning KD, Wiggert D, Voice TC, Zhao X, Dybas L, Criddle CS. 2002. Development, operation, and long-term performance of a full-scale biocurtain utilizing bioaugmentation. Environ Sci Technol 36(16):3635-3644. PMID:12214659


  • Hyndman DW, Dybas MJ, Forney L, Heine R, Mayotte T, Phanikumar MS, Tatara G, Tiedje JM, Voice TC, Wallace RB, Wiggert D, Zhao X, Criddle CS. 2000. Hydraulic characterization and design of a full-scale biocurtain. Ground Water 38(3):462-474.


  • Voice TC, Zhao X, Shi J, Hickey RF. 1999. Biological activated carbon fluidized-bed system to treat gasoline groundwater. In: Proceedings of the International In Situ and On-site Bioreclamation Symposium. San Diego, CA.


  • Dybas MJ, Barcelona MJ, Bezborodnikov S, Davies S, Forney L, Kawka O, Mayotte T, Sepulveda-Torres Ld, Smalla K, Sneathen M, Tiedje JM, Voice TC, Wiggert D, Witt ME, Criddle CS. 1998. Pilot-scale evaluation of bioaugmentation for in situ remediation of a carbon tetrachloride-contaminated aquifer. Environ Sci Technol 32(22):3598-3611.
  • Maraqa MA, Zhao X, Wallace RB, Voice TC. 1998. Retardation coefficients of non-ionic organic compounds determined by batch and column techniques. Soil Science Society of America Journal 62(1):142-152.
  • Rakhshandehroo GR, Wallace RB, Boyd SA, Voice TC. 1998. Hydraulic characteristics of organomodified soils for use in sorptive zone applications. Soil Science Society of America Journal 62(1):5-12.


  • Hayden NJ, Voice TC, Wallace RB. 1997. Residual gasoline saturation in unsaturated soil with and without organic matter. J Contam Hydrol 25:271-281.
  • Loconto PR, Voice TC. 1997. Analytical chemistry in a graduate environmental engineering program at Michigan State. In: Proceedings of the 29th Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society.
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  • Zhao X, Doh K, Criddle CS, Voice TC. 1997. Accumulation of metabolic intermediates during shock loads in biological fluidized bed reactors. J Environ Eng (New York) 123:1185-1193.


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