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Person Details: Michael S. Morgan

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Superfund Research Program

Michael S. Morgan

University of Washington
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
PO Box 357234
Seattle, Washington 98195-7234
Phone: 206-685-3221
Fax: 206-616-2687




  • Johns DO, Daniell WE, Shen D, Kalman DA, Dills RL, Morgan MS. 2006. Ethanol-induced increase in the metabolic clearance of 1,1,1-trichloroethane in human volunteers. Toxicol Sci 92(1):61-70. PMID:16638923


  • Johns DO, Dills RL, Morgan MS. 2005. Evaluation of dynamic headspace with gas chromatography/mass spectrometry for the determination of 1,1,1-trichloroethane, trichloroethanol, and trichloroacetic acid in biological samples. J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci 817(2):255-261. PMID:15686993


  • Pierce CH, Chen Y, Hurtle WR, Morgan MS. 2004. Exponential modeling, washout curve reconstruction, and estimation of half-life of toluene and its metabolites. J Toxicol Environ Health A 67(14):1131-1158. PMID:15205028


  • Martin MM, Morgan MS. 2003. Comparison of Re-breathed Breath Sampling to Mixed and End-Exhaled Breath Sampling for Biological Monitoring of Volatile Organic Chemicals. In: Proceedings of the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exhibition, May 13. Dallas, TX.


  • Pierce RH, Chen Y, Dills RL, Morgan MS, Kalman DA. 2002. Toluene metabolites as biological indicators of exposure. Toxicol Lett 129(1-2):65-76. PMID:11879975


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  • Wilder L, Morgan MS, Kalman DA, Dills RL. 2000. Analysis of factors influencing urinary metabolite concentrations, including adjustment for urinary flow rate and creatinine or dissolved solids. In: Proceedings of the annual American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition. Orlando, FL.


  • Luderer U, Morgan MS, Brodkin CA, Kalman DA, Faustman EM. 1999. Reproductive endocrine effects of acute toluene exposure in men and women. Occup Environ Med 56(10):657-666. PMID:10658543
  • Vicini P, Pierce CH, Dills RL, Morgan MS, Kalman DA. 1999. Individual prior information in a physiological model of 2H8-toluene kinetics: an empirical Bayes estimation strategy. Risk Anal 19(6):1127-1134. PMID:10765452


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